Canada Startup Newsletter – 5 May

04 May 2020

Another Canada-wide edition of our startup newsletter has just been published. This edition profiles three more Canadian startups who are going from strength to strength.

This period of quarantine has brought our diets into sharp focus. We are, for the first time in a while, very conscious of the produce we are consuming, primarily because mealtimes have become the day’s garlanded events. This renewed focus has forced us to ask questions about the food we eat and its impact on the environment and our health. The three startups we feature this week provide the answers to these questions. They offer health-focused and environmentally friendly alternatives to food products which are staples in most households.

The three companies we feature are:

Entomo Farms

Entomo Farms is North America’s largest cricket farm, providing cricket ingredients to food manufacturers in 8 countries on a wholesale basis. Entomo Farms is the only certified organic provider of cricket ingredients worldwide.

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ZeroIN’s mission is to cut down our consumption of sugar, so they have created an entirely sugar-free chocolate. Unlike their main competitors who add erythritol to their chocolate, ZeroIN uses no sugar-alcohols, is high in soluble fibre, and vegan-friendly. ZeroIN truly is the guilt-free chocolate you have been searching for.

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Bessie Box works with local farmers and fishermen to deliver their naturally raised meat and seafood directly to customers’ front doors in the Calgary area. They offer grocery store prices with high quality produce. In comparison to other food delivery services, Bessie can offer the same quality of product at a better price and with a better customer experience.

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