Canada Startup Newsletter – 6 October

06 Oct 2020

We are back with another Canadian edition of our startup newsletter! This week, we feature three companies that are making huge strides towards technological advancements. Each provides systems that opt to revolutionize and bring about superior alternatives than offered within the market.

In the midst of the pandemic, these companies show that their grand initiatives be not a setback to COVID.

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Sensoreal developed a rapid, point-of-care blood test that was successfully commissioned by astronaut Dr. David Saint-Jacques at the International Space Station, making Canada the first country to perform blood tests in space.

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LevelJump is an outcome-based enablement and readiness solution built 100% inside Salesforce that allows companies to launch enablement programs, automate sales milestone achievement, and tie their sales enablement to revenue outcomes that matter, in order to close the loop on sales productivity.

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AVA Technologies Inc.

AVA Technologies Inc. (AVA) helps anyone, anywhere get growing. They invented AVA Byte, the “Nespresso for gardening” – a smart indoor garden to empower apartment-dwellers to grow delicious, organic food right at home, all year round, faster than soil.

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