Canada Startup Newsletter – 8 December

08 Dec 2020

This week we present another edition of our Canada Startup Newsletter, featured are two companies making technological breakthroughs in their fields with brilliant scientists at the helm.

One company is creating solar cell technology to help cure the ailment that is climate change, while the other is making industrial equipment significantly less expensive and more efficient for their customers.

Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company, passionate about creating innovative solutions to address climate change. Solaires is focused on innovative and sustainable solar cell technology to create the next generation of solar cells that enables clean power generation from any surface facing the sun.

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ICS – Industrial Climate Solutions

ICS provides gas separation and scrubbing equipment using patented pulsing-froth technology. The absorber represents the largest component of a CO2 capture process and about 1/3 of the overall plant cost. The froth contactor reduces this equipment’s size by at least five times and enables the use of challenging next-generation processes and chemistries for dramatic energy and cost savings.

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