Canada Startup Newsletter – 8 September

08 Sep 2020

This week, we present another Canada-wide newsletter. In this edition, three companies are demonstrating how tech can be utilized in various ways to solve multiple industry needs.

In today’s era, tech is a constant driving force that molds the world, and the following companies are proving that by taking a lead in shaping the future for their designated fields.

Read more about the following companies:


Botpress is a low-code open-source conversational AI platform for 10x faster business processes and FAQ automation. They have built an enterprise-grade software to serve the Global 2000 who want to change the way they automate and make services available to their teams.

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SolusGuard helps employers protect their most valuable assets, their employees. SolusGuard provides wearable hardware and app software safety solutions for businesses that have employees who work alone or are at risk.

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Flock Audio Inc.

Flock Audio Inc is a professional audio design & development company that specializes in the manufacturing of new technologies for audio professionals around the world.

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