CELA Technology – 16 March

16 Mar 2021

CELA Technology

CELA creates engaging 3D and AR online shopping experiences that provide higher conversion rates for E-commerce retailers. Unlike others, CELA offers turnkey solutions for brands to upgrade their website with 3D and AR which transfers any physical environment to be a virtual showroom experience.

CELA’s main competitors are companies and teams that create similar AR and 3D product visualization for E-commerce. CELA’s competitive differentiation is that their solution is laser-focused on providing value for E-commerce brands and retailers. This enables them and their shoppers to buy and sell with confidence. The technologies and IPs are proprietary with the flexibility of customization and upgrades, unlike other competitors.



CELA has been working closely with various fashion brands and retailers in Canada and the USA, such as John Fluevog, Alltrueist, ANY7, The Proper Label, Koi Footwear etc. CELA is expanding its footprints in wider sectors of E-commerce, such as Home (furniture, decor), Beauty and cosmetics, Toys, and Food/drinks.

While the team has achieved positive growth since its launch, CELA’s biggest hurdle to overcome in the following year is fully democratizing its innovation across the E-commerce industries and define commonalities in values and features for different types of online businesses and brands.



Vincent Yang, Dhruv Adhia, and Yamin Li are the three co-founders and executives of CELA technology. They have been working with each other since meeting in a master program. In the past 12 years, they have been working tirelessly on bringing their first Startup vision to life, Hplus. Since then, they have successfully brought the company from a team of 3 to a successful exiting in 2016.



Since its initial launch, the company has been fully bootstrapped. It’s amazing to see the tremendous growth and achievements the company has garnered through its internal efforts. In order to fulfill further growth initiatives, CELA is currently in the process of raising 1.5 million in seed investments. This funding will be used to provide support in the production workflow, strengthen AR and 3D components for E-commerce website, and to enlarge the marketing and sales team.

Depending on the progress of the fundraising and marketing adoption, CELA plans to grow the marketing, 3D, and tech team accordingly.


Revenue Model

The company operates as a SAAS company and utilizes a B2B model.



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