Cloudonix – 9 March

09 Mar 2021


Cloudonix’s smart voice calls enable frictionless experiences that drive better customer care and faster sales by merging voice and data into a complete service context. Cloudonix adds Cloud capabilities to your existing on-premise Call Center enabling your agents to work from anywhere in the world. Security, Privacy, and more – rapidly deployed and cost-effective without replacing your existing systems or retraining your team.

Cloudonix’s main competitors include, Twilio, and Nexmo. Cloudonix’s biggest advantage, however, is that they have a more predictable billing model, this is a drastic change from the way the current industry has been based on per minute, per device, and per connection pricing. This tends to lead to a very unpredictable monthly expense.



The Cloudonix founding team is made up of a group of friends who have known each other for almost 20 years:

Nir Simionovich, CEO:

  • 20 years Open Source VoIP Expert, Asterisk & Kamailio
  • OneNet Initiative Developer, Vodafone
  • Head of VAS Development, Bezeq
  • VoIP Developer, Jajah
  • VoIP Consultant, GoDaddy

Eric Klein, COO

  • 20 years telecom and operations experience
  • Chief Evangelist, Negev Technology Partners
  • Director of Business Development, Alvarion
  • Product Manager, FTS
  • SNS Solutions, TTI Telecom
  • Sales Consultant, MCI

Oded Arbel, CTO

  • 20 Open Source Expert
  • DevOps Manager,
  • Micro Architect, Intel
  • Software Engineer, Taboola, m-Wise, Team Leader


Originally, Cloudonix was bootstrapped and revenue-generating from day one. In 2017, an investor from one of their customers voiced an interest in investing in Cloudonix and thus became their first outside investment of $500,000. Later, Cloudonix participated in the ERA NYC accelerator and received a $100,000 investment that led to an additional $50,000 in angel investment in the summer of 2019.

In order to further fulfill their positive growth trajectory, Cloudonix is starting a seed round and is looking to raise US$3 million. The funds raised will be used to grow their sales team in order to expedite growth, with some additional development and support staff.


Revenue Model

Cloudonix sells based on a flat rate model that is a combination of the number of concurrent agents and the number of connected devices or subscribers.



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