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09 Jun 2020


During a pandemic, maintaining a strong, efficient and accessible health care system is more vital than ever. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has flooded emergency rooms and hospitals, forced the closure of several clinics, and has led to the cancellation of several doctor’s appointments out of fear of contracting the virus by patients at risk. The gravity of the situation has contributed to the disruption of the health care industry at a critical period in time where optimal access to health services is needed.

The demand for telemedicine platforms has grown exponentially over the past few months, as several doctors are shifting their practice to virtual clinics in order to prevent the spread of infection of patients and health care workers. Virtual consultations allow patients to continue receiving the same quality of health care that they are used to from the comfort of their homes. The shift towards telemedicine will help both usual and COVID-19 patients access the healthcare that they need.

Connex.MD is a fully loaded Web, iOS and Android platform that is financially backed by IBM and Facebook. Their app connects patients to the doctor of their choice, by booking in-person or virtual consultations. The platform also has an integrated pharmacy delivery system, allowing patients to have their prescriptions filled directly after their consultations.


At inception, ConnexMD will be provided to patients as a service to address the difficulty in arranging physical medical consultations, thereby, reducing exceedingly long wait times. From the doctors’ perspective, ConnexMD will offer continuity of healthcare, where patients can have efficient e-consultations and follow-ups in-person at the clinic.

There are multiple value propositions addressed by ConnexMD service. For patients it will be the ease in which they can meet their medical needs by a simple search through the application of the closest available appointment for video or in-person consultation.

The platform will also enable personalized medical attention, as patients will receive trustworthy information directly from a doctor rather than an alternative source. Furthermore, for physicians it will minimize lost revenue streams due to last minute cancellations and appointments by capitalizing on attracting these new patients-in-need to see a specialist.

In terms of long term value propositions, for pharmaceutical companies it will be a platform which can provide data analytics on prescribing habits and trends that can be aggregated. It will also allow for Remote patient monitoring and Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) devices that are interoperable. These include devices that can measure electrocardiogram (EKG) readings, respiratory rates and insulin levels; detect breast cancer by reading changes in cellular structure; transmit an alert if a person falls; and detect skin pH levels though a bandage to determine if a cut has become infected.



Joe Doumit, MD/ Medical Director – A Software Engineer turned MD, specializing in dermatology, Dr. Doumit will reside as the Medical Director of ConnexMD. Dr. Doumit is dual certified for clinical practice both in Canada and US and is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Dermatology. He earned his medical degree from the University of Ottawa and then made the decision to get exposure to the US private healthcare sector by choosing to complete his fellowship in Cleveland Clinic. He has an impressive list of certificates and permits, and has received numerous awards and publications that have contributed to the dermatological field. His experience to date has been in the private healthcare sector and his exposure to this sector gives him great insight into the revenue model opportunities that remain untapped with a service offering such as that of ConnexMD.

Although not directly involved in the development of the code, his software engineering background is an asset in support of this venture, as he understands the intricacies involved in designing and implementing technological solutions. Furthermore, this background gives him a pragmatic approach in setting the pace and vision of this new venture. Dr. Doumit opened a private dermatological clinic in Montreal and is looking to open many more and adopt ConnexMD with his patients and colleagues. He is also well connected to other private medical specialties since he comes from a family lineage of orthodontists and plastic surgeons and most recently worked at one of the largest Montreal based multidisciplinary private practice clinic – Rockland MD.

Mohamed Salamé, Director of IT -As the CIO, Mohamed will be responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals. With his own background in coding and software design, he will oversee the application’s development roadmap, overall architecture, and infrastructure deployment strategies. With experience in data mining and collecting of data from an extensive user base, he will lead the implementation strategy of Phase III as it relates to the data analytics aspect of this venture. The IT personnel (programmers and database administrators) will report into Mohamed.

Jeffery Khoury, Chief Executive Officer – As the Managing Director, Jeffery will be responsible for overseeing IT Development, Medical Onboarding, and most of all Business Development. With his background in Management from John Molson School of Business, Mr. Khoury garnered many awards and news mentions: Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 top finalist, winner of Facebook Start $40,000 accelerator, IBM Entrepreneur of the year 2018 $120,000 cloud credits, final round with Google Ventures & Entrepreneur Award in 2018, and McGill Dobson Cup Health Track Finalist $10,000 sponsorship. As a true believer in Telemedicine, Jeffery started his first venture, Doctor Pocket, in 2015.

Anthony Khoury, Chief Operating Officer – As director of operations, Anthony is responsible for the growth and profitability of the company. His diverse background and flexibility allow him to work in different aspects of the business. He will be responsible to research and implement new directives for business growth and prosperity. With a background in finance from McGill University and with industry experience as a marketing manager, Anthony will spearhead marketing and business development initiatives.


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