Elli Share – 28 April

28 Apr 2020

Elli Share

Elli Share is an online platform for second-hand clothes and beyond. The team behind the platform are passionate about extending product lives which will result in a healthier planet. With an extremely efficient operation that can process thousands of unique clothing items, Elli Share makes selling second hand at large scale possible.


Over the last 30 days Elli Share have witnessed a 335% increase in website traffic. Their revenue has also increased by 69.1% over the same period. Since launch, Elli Share have seen their audience grow steadily. They have seen a significant amount of people who interact with the platform not only through purchasing, but also by subscribing to the content on the website.

Conditions under COVID-19 represent both a challenge to, and an opportunity for, Elli Share. Unpredictable consumer behavior amid COVID-19, especially from the buyer side, has proven to be a significant challenge. Competing with fast fashion retailers, who are offering heavy discounts because of COVID-19, also poses a difficulty. However, Elli Shares’ sales so far during the COVID-19 crisis shows a resilience in the consumption of second hand goods and represents a considerable opportunity for growth.



J Li, Co-founder and Head of Operations – J has an MBA from University of British Columbia, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering. J is a process-driven individual with professional experience in the finance, mining, and non-profit sectors.

Chi Le, Co-founder and Head of Marketing – Chi has an MBA from University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Business Administration. Chi previously founded a creative design company called Little Cinnamon, and has additional professional experience in IT, process improvement, and project management.



Elli Share has been entirely founder-funded until now. The company is now looking to raise $100,000. This funding will be used to expand their operational capacity and to hire key staff. In terms of hires, Elli Share would like to onboard a web developer to improve user experience and a software developer, or two, to streamline their consignment-inventory-listing-fulfillment process. They would also like to expand inventory space which will allow for bigger capacity of products on hand.

Revenue Model

Elli Share generates revenue through direct sales of consigned items from individual consignors and by collecting commission on listings provided by partnering thrift stores and consignment stores.


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