Enso Connect – April 14

14 Apr 2020

Enso Connect

Your Home on Autopilot. Enso Connect, currently focused on the short-term rental industry, is a home management system that leverages smart home devices and AI communication to provide a seamless experience to guests, homeowners, and property managers. By creating a software that automates tasks, homeowners and property managers are able to allow Enso Connect to take care of everything that otherwise would have fallen upon them; think of it as a one stop shop for your home management.

Enso Connect has partnered with the leading smart home companies to provide a unique and smooth experience to users; from NoiseAware, to Remote Lock, to Minut, to Keycafe, they are continuously integrating new smart home devices into their platform.


Enso Connect has been awarded the City of Toronto Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Entrepreneur Organization (2019), won first place at the Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab (DCSIL University of Toronto), and was selected as a finalist for the Royal Bank of Canada Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition (2020).

While still a young and small Startup, they have been able to attract interest from over 1300 homeowners over the course of a few months, all while remaining extremely lean. The general interest for the solution they have developed has significantly increased their range of partnerships, including insurance companies, on-demand home maintenance services, and much more!

Their biggest hurdle, as with many companies in the travel sector, is to weather the current pandemic. Having to adapt to the situation by focusing on product development and testing out different verticals over the next few months was unexpected for the team, but they have been able to adapt to this change quite rapidly and are eager to come out of this crisis with a unique value proposition for their users.



Francois Gouelo, CEO & Co-Founder – Francois graduated with an Bachelor’s degree, honours, from the University of Toronto and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge. He has worked on numerous entrepreneurial projects.

Peter Sorbo, CTO & Co-Founder – Peter is pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Toronto with a focus on machine intelligence.

Jeff Hagins, Board Member and Advisor – Jeff is a former CTO and Co-Founder of SmartThings, which was acquired by Samsung.

Daniel Dubois, Advisor – Denis is a Co-Founder at Key Living, which controls over $2B worth of real estate. He has worked at Airbnb in the past, as well as founding Shareshed and Guiides.com, which was acquired.

Marc Richardson Arnould, Advisor and Lawyer – Marc is a former partner at Miller Thomson and former lawyer at Osler.

Philip Poulidis, Advisor – Philip is CEO at ODAIA, former COO/CRO at Peel and former CEO at Morega Systems.



Enso Connect has raised money from the Creator Fund backed by Founders Factory, received over $40,000 in non-dilutive services, and $25,000 in non-dilutive grants and founder investments. Enso Connect is looking to secure further funding to take their product from MVP to Version 1. They are looking at new sales and marketing strategies in order to overcome the current Covid-19 pandemic. Once they have completed their fundraising, they are looking to hire a growth hacker and expand their product to different areas of the proptech industry.

Revenue Model

Enso Connect are currently working on a commission model, but intend to switch over to both a commission and subscription model for their platform.


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