EnviCore – 23 November

23 Nov 2021


EnviCore profitably eliminates environmental hazards from the mining industry by turning their waste into valuable products. EnviCore is a growing R&D company offering innovative and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions.

Their technologies increase the release of reusable water, accelerate tailings pond reclamation to thriving habitats, and promote a circular economy by extracting valuable products from the waste stream and applying them as an additive in the construction, asphalt, oil & gas, and polymer sectors. EnviCore’s technologies aim to change the face of surface mining operations and improve natural resource development around the world. 

In the tailings treatment sector, companies providing polymer flocculation technologies are considered to be EnviCore’s biggest competitors. However, there are few other technologies such as electro-coagulation in the development stage that would challenge EnviCore’s technologies.

EnviCore’s competitive advantage would be the cost of treatment. Their technologies could reduce up to 70% of tailings treatment costs in comparison to the status quo. Their solutions are easily retrofittable, provide increased water release, and promote a circular economy. These value-added materials can be used as an additive in many industries.



EnviCore is currently working with one oil sands mining operator in Canada and two international mining companies to scale up their processes and capture market share in the $50 billion industry.

They have also been selected to participate in The Heritage Group Accelerator, powered by Techstars. They plan to leverage this great opportunity to gain traction and form strategic partnerships within the US markets.

EnviCore’s biggest hurdle to overcome would be to validate their technologies and proof of concept through successful completion of pilot-scale testing. Additionally, raising enough funds to carry through their development phase will be challenging over the next year.



Shahrukh Shamim, CEO and Co-Founder – Shahrukh holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary with a focus on developing next generation oil sands tailings treatment technology. Shahrukh has received multiple prestigious fellowships including MITACS and GreenSTEM endorsed by the Government of Alberta. He brings experience from the metals and manufacturing industries, participating in multiple Canadian and International accelerators, and a passion for leading EnviCore in business and development growth.

Aleksandra Govedarica, Technical Director and Co-Founder – Aleksandra is a graduate of the University of Belgrade with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She recently completed her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary where she worked on several research projects aimed at understanding structure-property relationship in flocculated tailings systems, advanced graphene-based porous materials, and biomedical lubricants. 

Milana Trifkovic, Scientific Director and Co-Founder – Dr. Milana Trifkovic provides scientific direction and expertise to EnviCore’s technical development and training processes. She has 10+ years of hands-on experience in material design, interfacial phenomena, rheology, and fast dynamic imaging. She is passionate about transforming promising lab concepts into concrete solutions to pressing problems in the energy sector.

Aseem Pandey, Chief Technology Officer – Aseem holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary with a focus on the design and integration of porous media and nanomaterials for applications in the oil and gas industry. He started his career as a production engineer at Oil and Natural gas corporation with 4+ years of experience in offshore production operations, well interventions, and completions. At EnviCore, he provides value to the company with his scientific expertise in the area of colloid and surface science.

Ian Piwek, Executive Advisor – Ian started his career in coal and mineral exploration, development, and mining over thirty years ago. In the mid-1990’s Ian moved to oil sands and led various teams in operations, business development, and technology innovation, which included field trials of tailings mitigation testing and assessments. As EnviCore’s Executive Advisor, Ian provides business, governance, and planning advice focused on advancing technical research into industry use in operations.



EnviCore is progressing towards securing Seed Funding of US$2.5M by the end of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022. The money will be used for technology validation with pilot testing, hiring process engineers and research scientists, covering insurance, legal, and patent execution fees, and diversifying their mining customer pipeline and sales strategy.

Thus far, EnviCore secured a total of over US$1 million in funding. EnviCore Inc. was awarded the prestigious GreenSTEM award by the Government of Alberta at its inception. They have also been supported by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), their Angel Investors, the National Research Council of Canada, and even their clients. 

While they had recently expanded their team with the addition of a Business Development Associate and three Ph.D. Research Scientists, EnviCore are looking towards scaling their team to meet fast growth. 


Revenue Model

EnviCore’s current business model revolves around sharing the benefits of their technologies with the companies – cost savings in the tailings treatment department and revenue streams of value-added products.



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