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10 Dec 2019


EventChain is an event ticketing platform where tickets are secured and verified using blockchain technology. They enable event ticket sales in over 200 cryptocurrencies, as well as by credit card. They have been developing the platform for over two years and are heavy into building features. The platform currently provides everything event organizers need for a fair and transparent ticketing experience, including selling and tracking tools like promotional discount codes, affiliate links, and detailed reporting.

Because over $8 Billion in tickets were scalped or counterfeited last year, stealing value from event creators and fans, EventChain is working to be a secure ticketing platform that fans, artists, and creators can trust.


Since launching at the beginning of 2019, the self-service platform has ticketed in over 25 countries and at almost a thousand events. The platform is currently being used for everything from art galleries, music festivals, tech conferences, and Esports arenas. They also have an exclusive agreement with Pamela Anderson to ticket her non-profit events.



Ashton Addison – CEO

Ashton has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2013 and successfully pioneered the team through a raise in September of 2017. He also advises various other Blockchain companies globally including Syscoin, CoinPayments.net, Pundi X, and SmartMesh. Together with EventChain and his associated blockchain projects, he has helped raise over $50,000,000.

Dr. Steven Funk – Chairman

Dr. Funk is the underwriter of the Canucks Cancer Kids annual event, a TED Patron, and sits on the Innovations Board of the XPrize Foundation. Dr. Funk was the founding financier and director of the highly acclaimed micro-development financier and accelerator, Unitus Capital, now closing in on $1.5 billion of lead banking and advisory role financings over the past 10 years.

Dino Bassanese – President

Dino has many years of experience managing Software as a Service product development, including in-depth target market research, competitor and strategic analysis, feature specifications, website design, wire framing, and UI/UX and quality assurance. His project management skills include planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of his development and design team to meet specific goals under strict software project deadlines.

Lance Shaler – COO

Lance was formally the founder, President and CEO of Sci-Com Data Services Ltd., a data processing service bureau specializing in the processing transactions for accounting professionals. Sci-Com, and its various acquisitions and mergers, was eventually acquired itself for $63 million.

Jay Addison – CTO

Jay has worked in the Film/Television and Radio broadcasting business since the late 80’s with an impressive client list that includes: McDonald’s, Kokanee Beer, London Drugs, Porsche, Princess Cruises, Delta Airlines, and TD Bank, to name a few.


EventChain is currently in a raise of $5 million. The capital will be primarily used for driving growth, customer acquisition, and direct sales efforts to grow the top line, as well as the development of ticketing functionality to enhance the customer experience and increase customer retention. In February 2018, EventChain raised a $2 million Seed Round.

Revenue Streams

For revenue, they generate 2.5% per ticket transaction and a processing fee of $0.79 per paid ticket.



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