EXO Insights – 18 August

18 Aug 2020

EXO Insights

EXO Insights helps global companies drive the full performance potential of their workforce in high-risk, mission-critical environments where safety and precision are top priorities, using advanced AR/VR systems. EXO Insights measures the “how” of work, allowing workers and training leaders to improve their knowledge and work capacity.

EXO’s Biometric solution transforms and builds on existing industrial safety and training standards to move organizations past traditional training methods, building worker capacity for informed and accurate decision-making in high-stress situations, while increasing behavioural awareness and improving judgement. Their base tech hardware platform consists of immersive technologies – Virtual and Augmented Realities – with a 100% of skills development and certification of competencies. But this is just the basis. On top of these, they are engineering Biometric sensors – presently eye-tracking and acute stress measurements – to provide workers with a new level of training feedback.

Companies that use virtualization for training pose as potential competitors to EXO. Their key point of difference, however, is their Behavioural approach to training which relies on heavily tested and validated methodologies.



EXO is in its 4th year of operation matching a maturing service level to a similarly maturing market. Their initial success was with Ontario Power Generation and the Energy/Utilities sector. They are presently developing solutions for a similar mission/critical high-risk sector like Pharmaceutical and Defence.

EXO’s biggest hurdle to overcome in the following year is the expansion of their market reach. Given the global pandemic situation, the absence of personal one-to-one sales opportunities and trade shows have limited a further channel for potential brand awareness which has made it harder to extend their reach.


Fernando Muniz Simas, CEO – Fernando is a Company Management, Strategy, Innovation, Finance and Operations A M.Sc. graduate in Business Engineering and Innovation from the Fundación Armando Álvares Penteado – Brasil.

Jesse Tebbs, Director of Research & Development – Jesse received a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy from York University, Toronto, ON.

Silvia Regina Marega Muniz Simas, CFO – General Administrative Manager Financial Controller, Human Resources – M.Sc. graduate in Business Management – Finance from the Fundación Armando Álvares Penteado – Brasil



Although not actively raising capital, EXO is interested in seeking partners (or investors) with substantial expertise in the industrial areas that they focus on. Every reinvestment will be allocated primarily on Sales and Market development along with research and development initiatives.

EXO is proud to have been bootstrapped from an early stage and their efforts have shown tremendous growth. Their investment up to date is 1.8 million USD.

Currently looking to further their growth path, EXO is seeking markets where their areas of expertise are mature and show greater potential for their specialized services, meaning North America and Europe.

Revenue Model

EXO offers its service through its SaaS model and also receives additional streams of revenue from recurring solutions that they provide.



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