FanSaves – 12 May

12 May 2020


FanSaves is a mobile app that gives users discounts and deals from the sponsors and affiliated brands of their favourite sports teams, organizations, schools, Chambers of Commerce, events, influencers, media and more.

Their platform helps organizations increase their sponsorship, engagement and gives both organizations and sponsors a way to track Return on Investment while collecting customer analytics in a more effective way than traditional sponsorship options.

The couponing space is crowded, however FanSaves possesses a distinct competitive advantage. They work hand-in-hand with organizations so their user acquisition cost is a lot lower. Also, they work with these organizations to promote their platform to their captive audience which reduces Fansaves’ marketing expenditure.


FanSaves are currently working with over 40 organizations across North America, offering discounts and deals from over 350 national and local brands.

They were a Top 100 Finalist Startup of the Year 2018 & 2019, the RC100 2019 Winner, were awarded 1st Place at Get in the Ring Ottawa 2019, 1st Place at CIC Pitchfest 2018, and 2nd Place at SaaS North 2018. They were also one of twelve startups featured in the North American Sports Tech Report and one of only two from Canada.

FanSaves’ biggest hurdle is, helpfully, their greatest opportunity. Right now, with COVID-19, all of their customers are basically at a stand still with very little commerce happening. Once the economy begins to recover Fansaves are poised and ready to scale.

With COVID-19 affecting their core business, the team at FanSaves have also decided to pivot and use their network and digital skills to give back and help out during the pandemic. Growing an idea from their advisor, Kelly Bergeron, the team created the FanSaves Helps Gift Certificate Program which is currently helping 55 communities and over 500 small businesses across Canada to sell gift certificates and stay afloat. The team is adding new businesses and communities daily and have sold more than $25,000 in their first couple of weeks alone. For more information check out



Shannon Ferguson, Co-Founder & CEO

Kris McCarthy, Co-Founder & COO

Sean Kyte, Business Development Executive

Casey Li, Full Stack Developer

Jason Rankin, Account Co-Ordinator



FanSaves are looking to raise $925,000 and are in the process of raising a seed round. This funding will allow the company to accelerate growth and secure market share. The money will primarily be used for strategic hires, app development, and marketing.

They plan to expand their team in 2020 from 4 to 10 employees.

Revenue Model

FanSaves licenses their software platform to organizations for an annual fee or monthly subscription. These organizations resell their platform to businesses as a sponsorship option. The businesses who sponsor then pass an offer on to the fan that can be redeemed at the point of purchase.


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