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28 Jan 2020


Feastfox has redesigned the restaurant discovery and decision-making experience from scratch. It is simple, personalized, and incredibly fast. Utilizing Feastfox, you will find the perfect restaurant for any occasion in less than 3 minutes. Their AI-powered engine analyzes millions of data points to make sure you get what you want every time.

Existing resources such as Yelp, Google Maps, and Infatuation provide you with an endless list of options and then it’s up to you to wade through the information to find what you want. Feastfox sifts through that information for you, based on your preferences, allowing you to find your ideal restaurant with ease.


Right now the Feastfox platform is in beta. The team would love interested users to sign up to the waitlist on their website. Their focus this year is on improving the product and expanding to new cities.

Feastfox is personalized, contextualized, and fast. It understands that you want very different things when grabbing lunch vs. a romantic date, and it combines this with the most complete restaurant data set to find you the perfect restaurant for any occasion in less than 3 minutes.



Daniel Petz, Co-founder & CEO – Daniel is an experienced business leader and seasoned founder. He graduated from London Business School with a Master in Management, and from Stanford with a Master in Education and an MBA.

Endre Varga, Co-founder & Head of Development – Endre is a software engineer with a vast amount of industry experience. He has worked in prominent software development positions in a number of large tech companies. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Stuart Murless, Head of Operations – Stuart brings restaurant industry insight having owned 4 quick service restaurants. He is also a Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, and Corporate Financier. Stuart graduated from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Accounting and has acted as an Entrepreneur Mentor.

Mattia Ferrini, Head of Machine Learning – Mattia has previously worked as a Revenue Manager at Groupon and in management roles in internationally-renowned organizations. He graduated from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology with a Master in Engineering.



Feastfox recently raised an oversubscribed seed round which was led by one of the top seed-stage funds in Silicon Valley. They will be announcing the details of that round of fundraising in the coming months.

Their team is distributed between offices in Seattle, Cape Town, and Budapest and they are looking to expand this team. They are looking to hire engineers in Budapest and business analysts in Cape Town.

Revenue Model

Feastfox will operate a B2C subscription-based model.


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