Fly and Fetch – 14 April

14 Apr 2020

Fly and Fetch

Fly and Fetch is a peer-to-peer shipping platform connecting package senders to those travelling internationally. Their mission is to connect people from all over the world by creating a safe and trustworthy place to ship goods worldwide through peer-to-peer shipping. Their goal is to make international shipping cheaper, faster, and friendlier.

Due to the current pandemic, Fly and Fetch have temporarily changed their operations into a local platform connecting fetchers to those in need of pick-up and delivery assistance. This pivot is a great example of startups adapting to the needs of their audience to survive. Also, it is a recognition that as regional/national quarantine and self-isolation protocols are being implemented, many individuals are forced to stay in their homes with little or no access to basic supplies, like medicine and food. Fly and Fetch can assist in this regard and help those stay connected to their regular supply lines.


Fly and Fetch is a very early stage company. They just launched their MVP and plan to launch their actual platform once travelling is fully accessible again. In terms of recognition, they have won pitch competitions, received grants, and have been featured on some local media in Alberta.



Shelvie Fernan, CEO – Shelvie is a fresh graduate, former student leader, and co-owner of a pastry business. She has competed on multiple case competitions.

Victoria Celi, CFO – Victoria is a current International Student, has founded a business accelerator in Ecuador, and has worked as a financial analyst for 5 years.

Shane Brass, CTO – Shane is a software engineer with 4 years of experience who also founded another startup called Unlock.



Fly and Fetch have been funded so far by pre-seed finance, grants, and competition prize money. They are now looking to raise $200,000. This funding would be used to cover operational costs and to enhance marketing efforts. If Fly and Fetch scale as planned and reach a certain number of users, they will need customer service representatives and software developers.

Revenue Model

They collect revenue through a pay to connect model, which is currently a fixed fee of $11.00 per transaction.


For more information visit:

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