Gibli Tech – 7 July

07 Jul 2020

Gibli Tech

GiBLI is for cyclists and triathletes who want to go faster. They have designed a real–time aerodynamic sensor that will allow you to validate equipment and position changes. Their product is a personal wind tunnel for which they have seen upwards of over 20% gains for many athletes. Riders obtain real-time aerodynamic data as they go either through their current head unit or through the GiBLI app.

The system is easily installed under a cycling computer using an off the shelf cycling computer mount. The device pairs to your power meter and cycling computer through ANT+ and Bluetooth technology. The unique algorithm and state-of-the-art micro sensors in the system measure all forces to calculate real-time CdA (drag coefficient) in any environment. Their proven technology offers real-world validation to athletes looking for a competitive edge.



GiBLI is preparing to launch its flagship product through a pre-sale this Fall with the official delivery of the product in early 2021. They have several competitive advantages, such as the ability of their product to measure wind direction, their patent pending design and algorithm, the software strategy the company has devised, and the ease of use and setup of the sensor. This is a new technology with several competitors, most still in the process of developing their offerings.



Ben Bschaded, Co-founder & CEO – Ben is a founder of Feder Cycling Dynamics. In that role he designed and built a cutting edge wind tunnel test balance for cycling. He also has experience in high tech micro sensor fabrication, product design, and ISO Quality management. He is also a Lifelong cyclist having competed at various high level road races across Canada.

Mark Ernsting, Co-founder & CGS – Mark is a former Professor of Exercise Science & Sports Management. He is also a founder of M1 Sports Management Inc. M1 works closely with UCI & ITU Federations. He was the first Canadian to be a Certified UCI Rider Agent and is a five-time Canadian National Track Cycling Champion.



GiBLI recently oversubscribed their pre-seed round. They intend to raise an additional $2m in early 2021 to scale with manufacturing demands.


Revenue Model

GiBLI will sell their systems directly through their website and distribute through flagship bike shops around the world.



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