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17 Mar 2020


Finding a good lawyer just got a whole lot easier. Goodlawyer, connects small businesses and entrepreneurs across Canada. Goodlawyer focuses on instant, pre-packaged micro services that have been overlooked by their competitors and everyone else in the market. They are opening up a latent part of the legal market that very few people know exists.

Business owners have peace of mind when using Goodlawyer as they interview and background check each and every lawyer who provides services through the platform. Goodlawyer, then, provides fast and affordable legal advice so you can move forward with confidence. As such, their platform empowers clients and lawyers to work together in a way that’s better for everyone.


Goodlawyer has onboarded 50 lawyers across Canada, and more than 20 are on the waitlist. As the team has a deep understanding of what clients and lawyers want, they are committed to helping everyone get access to quality, affordable, and transparent legal services from only the best lawyers. They have achieved this level of traction with no marketing efforts.

Through the platform over 150 clients have been helped. Furthermore 3 key partnerships have been established which has enabled 50% month over month growth since their pivot to the provision of micro legal services. They are using their early traction to perfect their product-market fit. Their early success indicates that they are close, but are aware that they have refining to do.



Goodlaywer was founded by a pair of distinguished lawyers who noticed early on in their careers that the existing approach to finding lawyers, and clients, was counterintuitive. The root cause, as they identified it, was a disconnect between supply and demand. To bridge this gap they teamed up with a software developer and a designer to create the easiest way to find legal help online.

Brett Colvin, Chief Executive Officer

Parker Smith, Chief Technical Officer

Tom Alvarez, Lead Product Designer



Goodlawyer has raised $500k since the start of 2019. They are looking to raise a further $2M. This additional funding will allow them to scale the product into the US market. To achieve this market penetration they will double development and marketing resources by December 2020.

Revenue Model

Goodlawyer takes a service fee on every transaction facilitated by the platform, ranging from 10-45% depending on the level of service.


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