HackHub – 14 July

14 Jul 2020


HackHub is a talent incubation platform that has organized numerous reputable hackathons in North America. In addition to their renowned status as a multifunctional hackathon platform, HackHub provides two other services through HackHub Class and HackHub Talent. HackHub class provides an immersive skill learning experience, leveraging the accumulated pool of industry experts and tech mentors to deliver a variety of education programs. HackHub Talent helps small businesses and early-stage startups to grow in a cost-effective way by providing tech support, branding consultation, and recruitment services.



As a previous host of one of the largest Hackathons in Vancouver, Canada, they are planning for another major event – EduHacks 2020. Taking place in October, EduHacks is a global hackathon aimed at fostering computer science skills within young programmers. Garnering the attention of people worldwide and attracting over 5000 participants in the competition since 2017, Hackhub is currently planning its most highly anticipated event.

Following their event plans, HackHub is also in the process of reaching out to more corporate partners for their Hackathon Event platforms globally and are seeking to expand the market for their HackHub Class.

Currently, their biggest hurdle to overcome in the following year is to maintain a slow and steady expansion in their customer market. With funds diverted to market research, they hope to be able to grow the business and attract a larger audience.



Yan Hong, Founder – HackHub’s successes have derived from the leadership of founder, Yan Hong, and his passion in using technology to drive social impact. With his work experience as an engineer for top tier tech giants, a tech entrepreneur, and hackathon enthusiast, Yan led his team to develop an all-in-one hackathon management SaaS platform, HackHub, which hosts over a hundred large-scale hackathons worldwide.



With the majority of HackHub’s funding put towards the development of their SaaS event-management platform, they are currently in the process of raising $500K – 1M for the following round. Once secured, these funds will be put towards expanding to new markets. Over and above market growth, HackHub also plans to double its team by the end of the year to 20.


Revenue Model

HackHub offers an all-in-one cloud management platform subscription with additional services for their online learning HackHub Class platform.



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