HealthCasa – 28 April

28 Apr 2020


HealthCasa is a provider of mobile Chiropody/Podiatry and orthotics appointments at people’s homes and offices. They also provide full-service corporate health and wellness solutions, specializing in individual healthcare appointments at corporate offices in a variety of specialties such as Physiotherapy, Dietitian services, Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutritionist services, and more, as well as group wellness sessions.

Offering safe, convenient access to high quality healthcare services in patients’ homes has been their objective from the beginning. For the corporate wellness side of the business their honest, transparent, and educational approach, combined with concierge-level service, translates into higher employee engagement, productivity, and improved employee retention and talent acquisition. HealthCasa acts as a conduit to all things corporate health and wellness. As the single point of contact for their corporate clients, HealthCasa ensures an efficient and effective planning and execution process for a successful wellness program.


Not only does investing in a great workplace experience increase employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity, it’s also a safeguard against employee attrition. HealthCasa’s educational approach, both during the sales process and once they onboard a client, bodes very well for the overall success of every client relationship and has allowed the company to grow substantially.

Since shifting their focus to corporate health and wellness, they have witnessed a considerable uptick in interest, and their clients have seen improved employee engagement as a result. Aside from navigating the evolving COVID-19 situation, and adjusting business practices accordingly, HealthCasa’s biggest challenge is getting business owners to look at their workplace and the employee experience they offer as an investment as opposed to an expense.



Mike Gaspar, Co-founder & COO

Dr. Karen Klein, Co-founder & CEO

Ilan Jacobson, Advisor

Jared Kalish, Advisor



HealthCasa raised $500,000 in a seed raise in November, 2019. They plan to expand to offer services in other cities across Ontario which will be followed by an expansion into other provinces across Canada.

Revenue Model

HealthCasa operate a B2B business model.


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