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11 Feb 2020

Hello Iris

Hello Iris uses AI to generate personalized mindfulness maps that help people become aware of their unique way of experiencing the world and the situations and responses refracted through that lens. These maps can be shared with the people we would like to understand us better, and can be used to build better relationships with friends, co-workers, and partners.

Existing personality tests rely on self-assessment to understand a person’s preferences and personality traits. This means that the output is biased by a person’s knowledge of themselves, and is also limited to talking about the interplay of the traits a person is already aware of. By looking at the words someone uses when they speak naturally, you can move away from the shortcomings of self-assessment and multiple choice. Patterns emerge that are often subconscious, so the output can actually help a person learn new things about themselves that they may not have been aware of.

Mindfulness apps provide general mindfulness tips, and it’s the user’s job to interpret and apply the lessons to their life. Hello Iris provides a map that highlights the best opportunities for you to apply mindfulness, based on the patterns and sensitivities highlighted by your unique experience of the world.


Hello Iris have showcased their platform at Techstars Montreal AI 2019. They currently have an MVP in the market which is available for use.

The Hello Iris team are currently in an R&D phase, gathering data to refine their framework so they can make their algorithm more robust. When Hello Iris gets to a point where they are ready to transition away from a human-assisted algorithm and have enough data to validate market need, they will look to raise money to hire a developer and start to scale their marketing efforts.



Nina Iordanova, CEO – Nina is a two-time founder with a background in running double-sided marketplaces. She has diverse experience using empathy and technology to solve complex human problems at scale. She is also an actor who has starred in a number of award-winning films.

Niloo Ravaei, CTO – Niloo is a self-taught coder who has instructed at Lighthouse Labs in web development and blockchain. She was the first employee at Clearbanc. Previously she was the Head of Education at Blockgeeks.



Hello Iris will be looking to raise funds, but the amount and nature of funding is yet to be decided and will be based on the requirements of the business.

Their biggest hurdle in the next year will be data collection. They intend to get as many people as possible to complete their test so they can refine the accuracy and level of insights the mindfulness map provides.

For the next 3-6 months, Hello Iris are planning on remaining a lean team of two. From there their next hire will likely be technical as they look to build out the platform.

Revenue Model

Hello Iris’ product is currently available free of charge! Check it out today and begin to learn more about how you perceive your reality.


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