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03 Mar 2020


HeyBryan is a peer-to-peer marketplace app that’s promising to change the way we source home maintenance help. Essentially, the app connects independent contractors to consumers for everyday home maintenance needs. They completely eliminate the middleman, putting the power back into the hands of the public and taking away the unwieldy issue of money exchange. If you’re wondering about the catchy name, the service takes its name from Bryan Baeumler, Canada’s most beloved and trusted contractor and host of the highest-rated show in HGTV’s history. But he’s more than just the face of HeyBryan—HeyBryan shares the same high standards in home maintenance and levels of trust that Baeumler insists on.

The HeyBryan team has developed a highly-efficient app. Its features and principles will be familiar to customers and service providers familiar with other gig-economy offerings.

HeyBryan instills trust, eliminates the constraints of time, and handles the money exchange for you. In doing so, they enable the independent workforce and consumers to work together.


HeyBryan was listed as a public company in 2019. They also opened the market at CSE in October, 2019. Off the back of their listing, they attracted a fair amount of press attention. When it initially launched in Toronto, the app was downloaded over 1,000 times in a single day and has since gone on to launch in Calgary and Vancouver, where they are based.

Aside from having the trusted celebrity partner Bryan Baeumler, their competitive advantage is the app’s end-to-end transaction experience. The inherent security associated with these transactions gives customers genuine peace of mind.

The app also collects data on what homeowners opt for when engaging home maintenance experts. The reasons to hire an expert range from appliance repair to cleaning, from painting to lawn maintenance. The related data which is collected will clearly be commercially popular as it gives key insights into consumers’ preferences when they turn their minds to home improvements.



Lance Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer/President and Founder

Nevin Petersen, Chief Technology Officer

Blair Jordan, Chief Financial Officer

Ken Dobell, Chief Marketing Officer

Sam Richardson, Creative Director

Colin Osing, Head of Marketing

Melissa Montgomery, Director HR & Operations



HeyBryan recently completed an IPO of $2.5M in October 2019 and is now listed on the CSE:HEY and OTCQB:HEYBF. They are a rapidly growing technology company who constantly review their capital needs versus growth opportunities. They always welcome inquiries from interested parties on strategic relationships, including financing opportunities.

Their immediate aims are to drive expansion. A major goal is to continually expand across Canada in 2020 and, as with any growing technology company, the speed at which they can achieve effective expansion is based on funding and revenue.

They currently have a team of 15, with a mix of full time and contracted employees, and have plans to hire approximately 5 more full-time staff as the year progresses.

Revenue Model

The app is a pure marketplace that connects homeowners/agents to home service experts, with HeyBryan collecting a percentage of every task completed.


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