Hopeful Inc. News Update! – 2 November

02 Nov 2021

Wisely Acquires Hopeful Inc. 

Acquisition facilitates the two Toronto-based companies at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence-based fundraising to expand their efforts in revolutionizing nonprofit fundraising 

Toronto, Ontario, October 14, 2021. Wisely, an innovative AI-based tech company that helps nonprofits accelerate their fundraising with its artificial intelligence software, has acquired Hopeful Inc, a fellow Toronto tech firm that uses its flagship Storytelling AI technology to help nonprofits raise funds on social media. The official announcement was made to the public on October 20, 2021. The move to acquire Hopeful Inc. first started in July 2021. The process took two months and the deal was signed in September 2021. 


Wes Moon, Wisely’s co-founder and COO said “The social good sector needs more purpose-built applications to keep up with the evolving expectations from the public. Tools like Hopeful that increase the influence for nonprofit organizations are critical to the ongoing success of the sector. This is why Wisely has backed Hopeful. They offer best practice social media tools to nonprofits to help deepen connections with the next gen donor audience that the sector will benefit from.”

“We have always been a company that empowers nonprofits to tell their stories with easily accessible and advanced technology. With this partnership, Hopeful and Wisely are now on the precipice of creating the first top-to-bottom AI donor intelligence ecosystem. To say I’m excited is an understatement!added Alexander Jivov, the CEO and co-founder of Hopeful Inc. 

“Increasing donations for small nonprofits has always been high on Hopeful’s agenda. Hopeful uses machine learning and artificial intelligence models to increase donations via social media platforms. This integration will be an enabler for nonprofits that want to raise more donations on social media so that they can actually focus on their causes rather than spending their valuable time on raising funds. Hopeful’s “Storytelling” artificial intelligence engine and Wisely’s donor prediction engine both are highly equipped in maximizing donations. Nonprofits are the real winner here.” said Ahsan Javed, the CTO and co-founder of Hopeful Inc. 


The acquisition of Hopeful Inc. by Wisely fits into the companies’ shared mission to expand their efforts to digitize and modernize nonprofit fundraising with user-friendly technology. By purchasing Hopeful Inc, Wisely gained access to more nonprofit clients that are making the transition to digital fundraising. 

About Wisely: Wisely was founded to help nonprofits accelerate their fundraising. Using AI to generate better predictions, Wisely improves pipeline health and arms fundraisers with the insights they need, to be successful and exceed their fundraising goals. 

About Hopeful: Hopeful Inc. is a social media management and analytics company that helps nonprofits understand all aspects of social media, identify donor prospects, analyze donor behaviour, and create a “tech first” outlook that resonates with the young generation and motivates them to support and donate to the organization and their cause. 

Virtus Groups have featured and worked with Hopeful since the beginning of 2020 and we can’t be happier to share this exciting news! Be on the lookout for exciting new initiatives from Hopeful and Wisley. Take a read at our past articles on Hopeful (Feb 2020, Dec 2020).


Media Contact: 

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PR Coordinator | Hopeful Inc.

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