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11 Feb 2020

Hopeful Inc.

Hopeful Inc. is a company that helps nonprofits drive donations, reduce operating costs, and make better decisions using data. They achieve this using their machine learning-driven analytics dashboard that enables nonprofits to analyze trends in their social media strategy, monitor their supporters’ engagement, and proactively create programs to better drive donations through data-driven decision-making.

They are the first social media analytics platform developed specifically for nonprofits, with their primary differentiators being, firstly, their ability to integrate with major CRM platforms and directly tie social media metrics to the donations that come into a nonprofit from online sources. Secondly, they are currently developing a proprietary AI technology, Storytelling AI, which helps during the content creation process for fundraising.


Hopeful Inc. have developed an initial MVP, as well as a follow up product in partnership with General Assembly who are a leading UX/UI Design School based in New York City. They have interviewed over 100+ nonprofit leaders and industry experts regarding their product needs, and are currently running a 60 day pilot with early adopter customers to test the final product assumptions. Currently, Hopeful Inc has 12 pre-signed customers participating in this pilot.



Hopeful Inc.’s is a cross-functional team of entrepreneurs, with CEO Alex Jivov having been a volunteer, board member, and freelance web developer for nonprofits since his childhood. Co-Founder Ahsan Javed, formerly a VP of Technology, is capable of quickly scaling teams of engineers from 0-100+ members, as well as being a customer facing source of technical information.

Alexander Jivov, CoFounder/CEO – Alexander Jivov is an author, accomplished Sales Executive, and Web Developer specializing in pro bono digital marketing and web development for nonprofits. With international experience in both sales and software development, Alexander has worked with a large range of small businesses, enterprise level clients, and nonprofit organizations to optimize their sales and marketing strategies.

Ahsan Javed, CoFounder/CTO – Ahsan Javed is a techie at heart and executive by profession. A veteran of big data development, Ahsan previously led the teams behind all customer facing products at LendingKart, as well as his own organization – WebShrub – which developed big data analytics solutions for telecom operators.

John Paul de Silva, CMO – John Paul has been working with non-profits for decades and has over 10 years of professional experience in the sector. Growing up in socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods, he is committed to enabling charities to be more impactful. He enjoys doing improv comedy and conjuring up Yelp reviews at every opportunity.



Hopeful Inc. has already raised $100,000. They are looking to raise an additional $200,000.

This additional funding will be put to many uses. It will provide salaries for the existing team. It will also be used to expand the business, growing their development team by bringing in three software engineers and building out a sales and business development team to accelerate sales and drive revenue.

Additional revenue will also support a complete product launch. They will look to aggressively bring their Storytelling AI technology to market. They will also accelerate integrations with existing platforms and grant software to expand their product ecosystem.

Revenue Model

Hopeful Inc. are operating a subscription-based SaaS business model. This model will have multiple tiers catering to a range of potential users.


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