ILUK – 12 May

12 May 2020


ILUK is an app to find and book last-minute appointments at the most sought after and trusted salons and barbershops of Montreal and Toronto. All salons are hand-picked and vetted for the outstanding quality of their services and the products they use.

There are no other services like ILUK operating in Canada. ILUK is focused on last-minute appointments, i.e. 5 days in advance or less, at vetted salons so that so that users do not waste time researching a quality and available salon when rushing to get an appointment. The app offers a quick and seamless booking flow allowing users to access all the information they need to book at a salon they are not familiar with, such as Google reviews, pictures, insight into what the salon is good at, and why ILUK loves them. The app is based on geo-location to speed up the booking process so that appointments can be completed in less than 40 seconds.


ILUK has already attracted close to 1,000 users and 50 partnerships. They launched in December 2019 and saw downloads and bookings increase substantially in February. Their salon and barbershop partners are known to be the best and are highly sought-after and trusted for the quality of their products, services, and interior space.

ILUK’s current challenge is to spread the word and raise brand awareness. ILUK aims at changing consumer behaviour when it comes to booking a beauty or grooming appointment. The same way you automatically tap on UberEats or SkipTheDishes to order your next sushis, they want you to tap on ILUK the next time you need to book a haircut or manicure. They aim at increasing their user base by 100%. They plan on achieving this by investing money on advertising and through strategic partnerships. They are partnered with Key to the City, which grants them access to their 34,000 members. Furthermore, the app is supplied as an employee perk for all employers using Venngo such as Scotia Bank, EY, Telus, Deloitte, ADP and many more in Canada.



Karine Mazareanu, CEO – Karine is an ex-EY international tax advisor with a Masters in International Tax Law.

Mayur Patil, CTO – Mayur is an experienced developer, having built PropertyApps and Dormbooker.

Stacey Bocknek, CSO – Stacey launched the Canadian market for HotelTonight, worked at Pinterest, and is now at Facebook.



ILUK has been fully bootstrapped so far. They are now looking to raise $120,000 in exchange for 6%. With additional funding, ILUK will be able to realize their goal of changing consumer behaviour. To achieve that, ILUK needs to spread the word and raise brand awareness which can only be achieved at scale with advertising. Their funding will be used for such ads, PR and events as well as business development efforts to continue onboarding salons.

Revenue Model

ILUK earns 15% commission on each booking processed by the app. They will be testing a subscription model where users will be paying a monthly fee to get a discount at all salons and partners, on any service booked, every time.


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