Industrial Climate Solution – 8 December

08 Dec 2020

ICS – Industrial Climate Solutions

ICS provides gas separation and scrubbing equipment using patented pulsing-froth technology. Pre-combustion and post-combustion CO2 capture and conversion applications represent their current primary markets. The absorber represents the largest component of a CO2 capture process and about 1/3 of the overall plant cost. The froth contactor reduces this equipment’s size by at least five times and enables the use of challenging next-generation processes and chemistries for dramatic energy and cost savings.

ICS’ main competitor is a legacy technology known as “structured packing.” Four manufacturers own about half of the market, with about twenty-five more who have less than 5% each.

For example, the ICS’ absorber columns may reduce a 60m tall column to 20m in height. They are also suited to high-viscosity and high-solids and precipitating processes prone to fouling conventional absorbers and can dramatically reduce the operating cost of capture plants. There is an emergent compact competitor known as “Rotary Packed Bed” technology. While the RPB reduces the size relative to structured packing, it is suitable for a restricted range of solvents. The ICS froth technology (Regenerative Froth Contactor) does so without the need for rotating equipment or the associated maintenance cost and electricity demand.


Richard Adamson, CEO – Richard has facilitated the commercialization of innovative technologies in Canada and the United States for three decades. He’s been the Managing Director of CMC Research Institutes and is the Co-founder of Mariah Energy, developing a self-dispatching microturbine Combined Heat and Power network.

Jeff Pallister, COO – Jeff specializes in the strategic and operational management of manufacturing firms and technology companies. His focus is on achieving high impact performance improvement and increasing shareholder value through operational excellence.

Bill Hargrove, Chief Technology Advisor – Bill has been working on the core froth technology for more than ten years and leads the ICS technology and application development. His current focus is on the development of Proof-of-Concept and Field Pilot projects with prospective channel partners and venture clients.



ICS is seeking $500k in convertible-notes in the near-term and US$3M in equity within the next six months. With this funding, they aim to:

(1) Build on market traction – completing Proof-of-Concept and applications development work with industrial channel partners, and scale-up to field pilot and demonstration-scale;

(2) Build our global network of channel partners;

(3) Establish partnership & custom equipment for high-throughput production;

(4) Establish our application development center in Calgary.

ICS’ predecessor, (Westec Environmental Solutions LLC), based in Hawaii, raised about US$6M to fund the development of the underlying core technology and know-how behind ICS. WES co-founded ICS to focus on commercialization and scale-up.

A year later, ICS acquired the assets of WES in exchange for equity. Some of the WES investors then invested directly in ICS in the form of convertible debt. WES was subsequently dissolved, and the ICS shares were distributed among WES shareholders. Since then, founders and Board members have continued to invest as debt and convertible debt.

With its planned expansion, ICS is looking to hire:

(1) Business Development Director;

(2) Applications Development Lead;

(3) Applications Development technologists/technicians (staff/contract)


Revenue Model

ICS focuses on technology, product, and applications. Manufacturing is contracted. For access to the market, they work with channel partners who are either engineering firms licensing process/plant designs or sell integrated/fabricated modular plants. Once their products are incorporated into their designs, each of their licensees represents an equipment sale.

Demonstration-scale plants represent sales in the $1-$5M range, while full-scale plants range from $10M to $50M for packing modules only. Where the end-user prefers an integrated absorber tower, ICS has identified partners to provide the required engineering and fabrication.


Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube


Industrial Climate Solutions Inc.

PO Box 19553, Cranston PO,

Calgary, AB, T3M 0S0, Canada

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