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25 Nov 2019


Instahop is a marketplace of unique & exceptional experiences, connecting travelers with local hosts in destinations around the world. Hosts create unique experiences for travelers within their city, and personalize it for guests. Travelers spend time with hosts doing things they both love, while getting a taste of local life in a destination. And the host generates income showcasing their city. These connections will be aided by deep AI insights into the traveler’s past trips and interests, leading to the best possible experience.

Instahop is working to solve two main problems:

  • Travelers are tired of visiting generic tourist attractions in group tours with strangers.
  • There is currently no easy solution to book and start a tour instantly.


So far, InstaHop has achieved amazing traction, despite Beta was launched less than 2 months ago. Over 150 local hosts have listed 200 experiences in 40 countries, and are receiving rave reviews from users and hosts alike.

They are currently still heavy into the building and user testing of the platform,

continuing to explore multiple ways to build out additional features and increase




Ali Basij – Founder & CEO. Ali is an experienced technology executive, and was previously a co-founder and CTO of San Francisco-based EquitySim. He has built the InstaHop platform from the ground up.

Anastasiia Zalavina – Head of Experiences. Anastasiia has 5+ years of digital marketing experience and has been an extensive traveler.

Manish Petwal – Growth Hacker. Manish has 2+ years of growth marketing and 6+ years of business development experience. He earned an MBA from HEC Montreal.


InstaHop is currently raising a seed round of $1,000,000 to invest primarily in growth and platform development. Gaining market share while also building the app and AI component of the platform will be a key step in the business’s growth.

So far the business has been completely bootstrapped.


Revenue Model

Their current revenue model is screening, interviewing, and onboarding hosts who create exceptional experiences, market exceptional experiences to the right travelers to book and pay, connect host and traveler 24 hours before booked time so that the experience is done perfect, finally pay hosts on an hourly base. Instahop revenue is generated by the difference of the experience price and the host wage. They are exploring additional revenue models as they continue to gain traction.


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