Intellabridge Technology Corporation – 6 May

06 May 2021

This week we present a growing blockchain company that is dedicated to bringing decentralized financial solutions to emerging markets within the fintech space. By using their platform “Kash”, individuals can store their money securely, buy synthetic assets, and earn consistent interest. They are on the mission to make banking cheaper, faster, and more secure.

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Intellabridge Technology Corporation

Intellabridge Technology Corporation is a fintech blockchain company that offers blockchain banking services under the brand name “Kash” and includes accounts featuring interest-bearing savings vaults, stablecoin checking, fiat-crypto onramps, debit cards, virtual cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, synthetic stock, ETF and commodity trading, and other decentralized banking services. 

The Kash platform is focused on growth in high inflation emerging market countries where there exists the highest potential demand for USD stablecoins and DeFi banking solutions, as well as developed markets with low savings rates. The current Alpha version of the product is available on web and mobile in testing phase with the objective to pilot and process transactions in advance of a fully audited and security tested release in Q2 2021. For access to the Kash Alpha version visit and for more information on Intellabridge, visit 

With thousands of new customers signing up every month for Kash,  Intellabridge continues to execute on its vision of becoming a blockchain banking  powerhouse for the next generation of decentralized financial customers. Intellabridge is dedicated to bringing decentralized financial solutions to global markets by leveraging blockchain protocols that support open financial infrastructure development and stable programmable savings and payments. 

Within this digital banking space, Kash’s main competitors are neo banks and traditional banking institutions. How they differentiate against their competitors is the use of blockchain payment rails and stable coins as currency, adding another level of security, speed and low cost payment rails.




The company launched the public Alpha version of its product and received about 14,000 visitors in the first month, of which more than 6,000 signed up for accounts at a 40% conversion rate. This was done with no money spent on advertising. Kash is now rolling out its global marketing and advertising strategy to scale its customer base as it heads into Beta and goes live in the next few months. Kash’s biggest hurdle in the following year is to scale their customers, product and team and will be hiring directors of marketing, revenue and business development to achieve their objectives and key results



John Eagleton, CEO – John graduated from Georgetown University and started his career at the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Office of Economic Analysis. He has also worked in capital markets at BNP Paribas and Bankers Trust (Deutsche Bank) as Vice President of the Emerging Markets Fixed Income Trading Desk. During the dot-com days, he co-founded Investars, one of the leading companies for research performance analytics on Wall Street and has been quoted in dozens of leading publications as well as a guest on CNBC.

Maria Eagleton, COO & CFO – Maria has experience in CxO roles, strategic marketing and competitive intelligence. She is responsible for developing and implementing the overall marketing strategy including market research, advertising, campaign management and client acquisition programs across multiple channels. She also has experience in operational management and has an educational background in International Finance. Maria teaches “Operational Management” at the Unit Business School and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Authority Magazine.




Following their positive growth trajectory, the company is planning to raise a new round to support various activities related to Kash app,  including business development, marketing, and scaling the team. 

Intellabridge Technology Corporation completed an RTO in 2018 and had raised 4M. In order to fulfill their growth initiatives, they plan to hire more technical and marketing personnel. 


Revenue Model

Intellabridge Technology Corp.’s main stream of revenue is through their Kash application. The Kash banking platform earns revenues from transaction costs, interest rate yield spreads, and B2B partnerships and white label licensing.



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