IntelliCulture – 18 August

18 Aug 2020


IntelliCulture helps farms manage their equipment fleet with data analytics captured through their IoT data loggers.

Farms are offered the tools to monitor their equipment and be able to make meaningful business decisions from that data. IntelliCulture provides an affordable, easy to use, data logger for farms to plug into their equipment (i.e. tractors, combines) to receive: (i) real-time fleet awareness, (ii) analytics, (iii) long term forecasting, and (iv) diagnostic tools. This is all accessible through their web and mobile platform, which also includes notification features. This enables farms to better manage their fleet, identify operational inefficiencies, make more informed management decisions, better maintain equipment, and reduce downtime.

IntelliCulture’s solution is differentiated by three core factors. They offer an agnostic system allowing growers to monitor their entire fleet. In addition, their solution is plug-n-play and a fraction of the cost of the competition, letting their growers get up and running in a matter of minutes.

Currently, farm equipment management involves manual processes and tracking via a notebook. The horticulture market is underserved by precision agriculture as tech solutions are cost-prohibitive, leaving manual work as the only alternative. IntelliCulture digitizes and automates the fleet management process for farms in a simple and elegant fashion which not only proves to be their competitive advantage but the platform maximizes value and efficiency for the farmers.

IntelliCulture is working to carve a niche position as an introductory precision agriculture system. Adopting this position ultimately allows IntelliCulture to lower the barriers to entry for farms and results in high adoption rates.



IntelliCulture has developed and sold working beta products that are being used on farms in Ontario (see more here).

Their product has been deployed to three Ontario farms this year which has allowed for the collection of over 60,000km of driving data. To date, IntelliCulture has deployed 75 devices, and in this beta product launch, they have been working very closely with their growers to incorporate the grower’s feedback into the system and ensure the system works as intended. They are also in the midst of performing detailed case studies with these farms where they were able to compare their operations between seasons with and without their implemented system to gain further confidence in the value that IntelliCulture brings to growers.

IntelliCulture’s biggest hurdle in the following year would be to overcome the slow adoption rate in the agriculture space. Since it’s a seasonal business, growers are often very busy for 3/4 of the year. To overcome this, IntelliCulture is raising capital to double down on marketing, and leveraging their network partners to expand into various markets across North America to smooth the seasonality.


Cole Powers, Co-Founder – Business

Ramin Shaikhi, Co-Founder – Business

Michael Wu, Co-Founder – Technology



With continuous expansion plans ahead, IntelliCulture will be raising $750,000 in Fall 2020. The secured funds will be allocated to marketing, product development, and team growth.

Up to this point, IntelliCulture has been bootstrapped through the start-up stages, and it’s impressive to see the tremendous growth they have been able to achieve through it.

Over the next year, IntelliCulture plans to grow their team substantially to become a go-to precision agriculture company in North America. Having launched and validated their product in their home market in Ontario, IntelliCulture is very excited to leverage their participation in the AgTech Canadian Tech Accelerator program to launch their business on a grander scale and serve growers across the nation.


Revenue Model

Intelliculture uses a B2B Saas model whereby revenue is streamed through service.



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