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03 Mar 2020

Interlapse Technologies

Interlapse Technologies Corp. (TSXV: INLA) is an innovative FinTech applications company focused on accelerating the global mega trend of virtual currency adoption. Their signature product, enables a simple and safe way to buy and spend Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Buying virtual currencies can be tough and complicated. Interlapse Technologies’ goal is to start at ground zero with a distribution model, where users around the world can buy Bitcoin instantly. Coincurve requires no signup, collects basic level information and most importantly, is a self-custodial service which means Bitcoins are fully owned by the customers after a purchase. Their service is quick, easy, and secure.


Interlapse is one of the few virtual currency companies listed on TSX-V. With a simple product like Coincurve, they have created a frictionless method for anyone to buy their first Bitcoin. They initially established a customer base in Canada and have made strong strategic partnerships to bolster this base. Recently, they launched Coincurve Direct, a white-labelled product allowing any merchants to sell Bitcoin online and partnered with Localcoin, the largest Bitcoin ATM service in Canada to use this service.

Since the official launch of Coincurve in late May, 2019, they have processed nearly $1M in sales volume. This volume of traffic is even more impressive given it was all achieved organically.



Wayne Chen, CEO – Wayne is an entrepreneur in blockchain, virtual currency and video gaming sector. He co-founded Coincurve after many years in the FinTech space. Previously, as the Advisor of Mogo and Head of Product at nCrypt (formerly nTrust), he has designed, developed, and commercialized many different Bitcoin wallet and Exchange products.

Rod Hsu, COO – Rod has 18 years’ experience building solutions in payment, processing, issuing, and fraud management, including deep involvement in FinTech innovation. Rod worked on solutions for the money transfer payment space servicing countries worldwide, which led to launching one of the first Wallets in Canada.

Pino Perone, President – Pino is a lawyer by trade, with more than 10 years’ corporate experience serving as an executive and director for various public and private companies in the resource and technology sectors. Pino’s expertise covers securities, corporate commercial, M&A, capital markets’ matters, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance.



Interlapse has successfully raised an estimated $1.85 million since being listed as a technology issuer in May 30, 2019. They are looking to raise an additional $5 million. This funding will be used to expand Coincurve globally, starting with southeast Asia where there is a high demand for virtual currencies.

Establishing Strategic partnerships will be crucial for the company’s Southeast Asia expansion plans. As all jurisdictions are regulated differently, the quickest entry into new markets is through partnerships with businesses that already have operating licenses and payment channels within those countries.

Revenue Model

Coincurve pricing is very simple. They charge 8% on all Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash purchases. For ease of use, quickness and security for small purchases, this is considered a small fee considering the added benefits. Coincurve requires no signup, and customers hold their own Bitcoins after each purchase. On Coincurve Direct, a solution that allows merchants to sell Bitcoin online through their own websites and under their own branding using the Coincurve platform, they share revenue with merchants who provide the service.


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