Iron Apple – 26 March

26 Mar 2020

Iron Apple

Iron Apple provides premium web-based quality management software (QMS) and training solutions (e-learning) for cannabis production & food handling companies from food manufacturing to food transportation and storage. With Iron Apple you get centralized management for all of your compliance programs like preventive controls, good production practices, hazards analysis, operating procedures, employee training, and much more.


Iron Apple started out focusing on the transportation industry, with regard to companies transporting food and food ingredients throughout the United States and Canada. They have grown their quality management system (QMS) and training modules to service food manufacturing, food processing, cold storage, and warehouse facilities. With the increasing demand for technology and digital services in the cannabis and edibles industry, working with local licensed cannabis producers, they have tailored their QMS and training program for the cannabis production and cultivation industry and are seeing some incredible growth in that sector.

Their competitive advantages are that Iron Apple have a modern approach that fits very small companies as well as large companies, while being lean and agile in offering competitive rates, customizations for specific companies, the ability to maintain multiple divisions, ie. Logistics, distribution, supply chain, production, manufacturing, as well as maintaining multiple compliance standards such as HACCP, Preventive Controls, GMP, GPP, ISO, etc.



Geoff Sanford, Chief Operating Officer

Brent Arbeau, Marketing & Content Manager

Jamie Sweet, National Account Manager

Lindsay Glass, Training & Implementation Manager



So far Iron Apple has been funded by bank loans, angel investors, provincial export programs, and a financial partner. They are currently seeking funding which will support integrations with supporting technology and to add value to their current products being offered to add efficiency and flexibility to production facility users. They are looking to work with a financial partner that can continue to open doors for their products and services, and build further operational connections globally in the food chain as well as within the cannabis industry.

Revenue Model

Iron Apple operates a Saas-based service, QMS software and e-learning for Cannabis production, Food transport, Food Processing and Food Warehousing. Their core marketing duties are done digitally, and they sell/present product offerings via online demos, and, on occasion, in person. They have multiple partners reselling various product offerings, and they utilize a third party auditing firm for customers who require a facility audit for certification.


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