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18 Feb 2020


Jiyubox is a seasonal subscription and e-commerce shop that curates clean beauty and wellness products made by passionate Indie beauty brands.

In today’s beauty market, consumers are being greenwashed. They are overwhelmed by, and under-educated on, what natural, clean, vegan, and organic beauty actually means. Jiyubox aims to become a reputable source for education and for de-bunking beauty myths.

They work with Indie beauty brands as part of their commitment to building a community of small businesses who are typically run and owned by founders.


Jiyubox launched in June 2019, and has seen continuous growth since then. Their customer base is drawn from both Canada and the USA. They plan to further increase their presence in the US consumer market as the business grows.

Jiyubox’s competitive advantage is that they can offer 4-6 full sized products, rather than sample or travel size which other similar services are limited in offering. They also only work with Indie beauty brands which means products are not found in big box stores like Sephora or Ulta. This adds a sense of exclusivity and discovery every season; typically customers have never heard of the brands that are delivered to them. The contents of their boxes change with every season, and each item is hand picked based on what our skin seeks during that given time of year.



Jessika Noda, Founder & CEO – Jessika’s experience primarily comes from her time in tech sales. She has led a number of teams and managed several sales pipelines on a range of products and services. In starting Jiyubox she made the decision to pursue a life of building purpose and community.



Jiyubox is 100% bootstrapped. They are looking to scale growth by growing revenue. In terms of expansion, Jiyubox wants to onboard a marketing team over the next twelve months to manage the day to day marketing needs of the business and to develop an overall strategy for increasing their subscriber base. This will put them on a strong footing to achieve their next goal of growing their US subscriber base so that it represents over 50% of their subscribers.

Revenue Model

Jiyubox is a subscription based model and have recently added an e-commerce, single product purchase option. Subscriptions are seasonal and start at $59.99USD.


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