Joon – 2 February

02 Feb 2021


Joon Care is a teletherapy practice that provides accessible and high-quality evidence-based, skills-focused mental health care exclusively for teens and young adults. When a client signs up with Joon, their team pairs them with a clinician who creates a personalized treatment roadmap. The client and clinician meet once a week for live video therapy, and in between sessions their clinicians assign clients various skills in their mobile-app for continued learning and growth. Clients pay on a subscription basis for 16 weeks of care at a time. In an effort to make quality mental health care accessible to clients, they also offer a reduced-cost option for low-income families.

At least in part as a response to COVID-19, there’s been a huge amount of venture capital invested in mental health. There’s broad recognition of the need to increase access to mental health care and the power of technology and mobile platforms to help deliver this. As a result, it’s a dynamic, competitive landscape. A lot of capital is being raised by companies like Talkspace that offer largely text-based interaction with therapists and self-care apps like Calm. There are also a number of providers such as Ginger and Lyra that are focused on corporate benefits programs.

What distinguishes Joon is their complete focus and commitment to serving 13 to 24-year-olds and their evidence-based, skills-focused, and personalized approach that integrates the benefits of one-on-one therapy sessions with a mobile app-based experience.



Joon has raised $3.5 million and currently operates in Washington, Oregon, and California. This year they have plans to expand to new states and that means bringing on more clinicians and clients in new markets. At the same time, they are focused on maintaining a high level of care and fulfilling their mission to make mental health care accessible and engaging for youth.


Co-founders Amy Mezulis (Chief Psychologist) and Josh Herst (CEO) are passionate about leveraging technology to solve social issues such as access to evidence-based mental health care. Herst is a serial entrepreneur, previously the co-founder and CEO of WalkScore (acquired by Redfin). Mezulis is a full professor in the Clinical Psychology program at Seattle Pacific University, with 20 years of research in adolescent mental health. Both co-founders have children in this age range and have observed the youth mental health crisis as professionals and parents.


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