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25 Feb 2020


Kadama makes it easy for parents and students to instantly connect with expert tutors for in-person and online lessons. Customers can set their budget and only pay for what they need. Tutors go through the fastest onboarding experience out there and receive the highest pay. It’s fast, easy, and affordable.


Kadama was listed among the Top 21 lifestyle apps in July on the App Store. They were ranked among the Top 36 startups by the University of Washington in 2019. Additionally, they received a $25,000 award from the University of Washington Accelerator in February of 2020.

Kadama differs from their competitors as they only charge customers for the hours they need and allow them to choose their budget with the convenience of getting tutored anytime and anywhere. This reduces a lot of barriers to tutoring and significantly expands their market. Furthermore the tutors who use Kadama get paid higher than they might through other platforms, receiving an average of $19/hour as compared to an average of $14/hour through other platforms.



Amin Shaykho, Co-Founder and CEO – Amin graduated from the University of Washington at age 20 with a computer science degree, before working as a product lead at Apple for two years and at other international companies like Boeing. Amin oversees all teams and focuses on achieving company milestones and meeting customer expectations. Additionally, Amin works on business strategy and developing relationships with other organizations and communities.

Marwan El-Rukby, Co-Founder and COO – Marwan graduated from the University of Washington at age 20 with a business degree and worked at Prysmian Group, saving them $100,000 in 2019 as part of his remit. As the Operations Officer at Kadama, Marwan works on the business side and management structure of Kadama. Marwan leads the intern teams and directly works with the CEO to achieve company milestones and decision making.

Dani Shaykho, Co-Founder and VP Product – In 2019, Dani he led a non-profit initiative that converted 3,000 app users and resulted in $41,500 in donations. He leads product marketing and user experience design for the app. Dani is responsible for approving all app updates and advertisements to ensure that they meet customer expectations and represent the values and mission of the company.



Kadama is looking to raise $100,000. This will be used to bolster marketing operations and to scale their consumer base, as their current traction validates their successful model. In addition, raised funding will be used to develop an Android and web platform as well as roll out innovative features.

The Kadama team plans to add one more member as they expand operations. Their focus will be on bringing in customer-focused team members in marketing and outreach.

A major goal for the business is to significantly expand their marketing efforts while reducing the customer acquisition cost. One way they plan on doing this is by rolling out the online tutoring feature.

Revenue Model

Kadama’s primary revenue model is transaction fee-based. They collect 15% from the tutor after every transaction executed through their platform. Their secondary revenue streams arise through background checks, profile boosting, and other ancillary services.


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