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25 Feb 2020


Keela is a cutting-edge SaaS platform that has been designed specifically for the multi-trillion dollar global non-profit industry.

Each year, non-profits spend billions of dollars on technology and their reliance on different platforms to maintain operational capacity is growing exponentially. Keela has differentiated itself by offering a powerful, intuitive platform with a complete and integrated suite of functionality. It gives non-profit managers the power to maintain CRMs, donor management, receipting and charity law compliance, email marketing, and numerous integrations all in one place.

In January 2020, Keela is set to release their most innovative differentiator: Keela Intelligence, which is a set of integrated AI/machine-learning driven reporting and predictive tools, specifically designed to help their target customers make better decisions about fundraising, volunteer management, and their operations. This includes a revolutionary Fundraising Report, which uses data gathered from the new insights available to create in-depth reports around key topics like total revenue generated per year, the average size of gifts, as well as donor retention and renewal stats. While this is currently a service offered for thousands of dollars through external consultants, this feature is included in Keela 2.0.


It is fair to say that Keela has been growing rapidly. For the past three years they have expanded at least 200% year-over-year, and currently have thousands of users and customers in 10 countries.

The first version of Keela’s software has received many positive reviews. However, they listened carefully to user feedback, underwent thorough user testing and research, and have worked hard to build Keela 2.0 which includes new features, advanced functionality, and intelligence tools that use proprietary algorithms. Keela 2.0 will enable Keela to better serve their users and grow the scope of their customer base.



Nejeed Kassam, CEO & Founder – A former Bay Street lawyer, Nejeed was drawn to the place where technology and nonprofits intersect in an effort to make more of an impact on the world. Nejeed is also the founder of the public policy institute Better Canada Initiative, and is the former executive director of both End Poverty Now and Conversations for Change. Nejeed has spent decades working with non-profits and has also worked for the United Nations and the Senate of Canada.

Tasi Gottschlag, COO – Tasi has an MBA from Simon Fraser University and an extensive background running SaaS organizations. She was previously “employee number one” at Voxter, which was acquired by a large US-based competitor in 2018. After the sale of Voxter, Tasi spent a year advising tech start-ups and consulting with Koen Capital Advisors, a boutique firm that assisted companies navigating the IPO or RTO process. Tasi was an EIR at the start-up accelerator League of Innovators and is currently an advisor to Victory Square Technologies.

Wayne Uong, CTO – Wayne received his BEng at McGill University. He has worked on the engineering teams at several multinational corporations, including Zimmer and Alcatel-Lucent, as well as in the start-up space with Third Core Venture Expansion Partners and TandemLaunch. Wayne is the former National Representative for the McGill Chapter of the National Organization for Business and Engineering.



As a SaaS organization, Keela understands that growth is critical. They are looking to maintain and push their growth based on their ability to generate leads and acquire customers at scale. They have laid the foundation, in terms of team members and resources, required to scale. To execute on this process at an accelerated rate they require further funding. The majority of the funds they are able to secure will be invested in marketing as they look to expand their customer base and increase the volume of subscriptions.

Revenue Model

Keela is a pure SaaS company. They sell monthly and annual subscriptions to their software. Their subscriptions are tiered to accommodate nonprofits of all sizes and scope.


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