Kosaa – 20 April

20 Apr 2021

This week we present a local startup company that is using tech to revolutionize the interior designing process. Using artificial intelligence, users can now have 3D visualization of their given space before purchasing furniture. Design your perfect home in the comforts of your own home.

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Kosaa is an artificial intelligent platform that provides interior design services for its clients with a simple click of a button. Customize furniture, window treatments, and cushions with quick simple steps from the comfort of your home.

Kosaa’s vision is to create a smarter interior designing process, by giving its customers the power of customization. Specifically, Kosaa AI enables its users to design intuitively with a 3D model of a given space. In addition, it will order Kosaa products from a diverse collection, based on its recommendations. 

Kosaa AI combines multiple algorithms such as object detection, image segmentation, and depth detection. Most importantly, it provides a complete understanding of how objects fit appropriately in a space along with its recommended items available on the Kosaa cloud platform.

One of Kosaa’s current competitors is Live Home 3D. However, their competitive advantage is that Kosaa provides a larger set of product customization and recommendation. Kosaa currently specializes in window coverings customization which is one of its unique offerings, another factor that sets it apart from competing companies.



Kosaa is an early-stage startup that has formed partnerships with various interior design firms such as Designers Resource Centre and West Window Coverings. Through such partnerships, Kosaa currently caters to nearly 400 interior designers with their needs. 

Kosaa’s biggest hurdle in the coming year will be to provide their AI-based recommendation services to more than just sofas, chairs, tables, and lamps. Currently, the AI-based algorithm supports limited objects, however, they plan to hire more technical people specifically AI experts to overcome this problem.



Deepali Raiththa, Chief Design Officer – equipped with more than 5+ years of experience in art and interior design industry 

Jindy Toor, President – equipped with more than 35+ years of experience in interior design 



Since its initial launch, Kosaa has been self-funded by its founders and through government grants and loans. It’s amazing to see the growth and achievements garnered through the company’s internal efforts. 

Kosaa is currently working towards raising $500,000 in capital in the next 6 months. Once secured, the funding will primarily be used to transform the beta product to the finished product while simultaneously working towards proving the product market fit. In order to fulfill its various growth initiatives, Kosaa plans to expand its team to onboard 5 more people within the next 6 months. As they continue to scale their platform, they plan to have more technical people join them. 


Revenue Model

Kosaa’s business model is based on SAAS subscription as well as success fee based on interior design project budgets. 



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