Life Lapse – 10 November

10 Nov 2020

Life Lapse

Founded in 2017, and used by over 1.5 million brands, influencers & creators, Life Lapse empowers individuals to create eye-catching video content using just their phone. Life Lapse is a stop motion app available on iOS and Android to help you create compelling videos with an in-app camera and editor to create quality stop motion videos comparable to $15,000+ worth of cameras, computer, and professional editing software, 10x faster. The app is designed for you to easily and quickly learn, capture and edit stop motion videos to stand out on social media

They do not have any direct competitors as they’re the only stop motion app that is focused on content creation for social media and businesses. However, Life Lapse does recognize other players in the market. Stop Motion Studio could be considered Life Lapse’s strongest competitor. However, Life Lapse is speaking to a different audience. Stop Motion Studio is focused on claymation and hobbyists for movie making.

Life Lapse also has a large focus on educational content specifically for marketers and building social media brands, which Stop Motion Studio does not provide. In addition, Life Lapse is building a brand with their app that is a differentiator for the app space – they share company updates, team updates, and engage with their community, showcasing work from creators, brand partnerships, etc.


A bootstrapped firm for the past three years, since the advent of COVID-19, Life Lapse has grown its monthly revenue by 70%. They’ve reached 1.5 million users worldwide and expanded their team to a team of 5 full-time employees in Canada.

Their biggest hurdle is being able to maximize all growth opportunities, to test and learn quickly and continue to reiterate their business with a small team. They’re overcoming this by applying to government grants that allow them to hire new employees to support our work and measuring every single opportunity to determine how to prioritize our efforts.




Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO – As a former professional videographer and marketer, Sarah helped brands create and integrate video into their social media strategies both in-house and freelance. She knows firsthand how expensive video marketing can be and set out to help small brands create eye-catching videos using their phone by creating Life Lapse in 2017. As a solopreneur with no technical background, Sarah has been able to bootstrapped and grow the company to 1.5 million users worldwide.

Teresa Mayede, Head of Brand Marketing – Teresa joined Life Lapse in June of 2020 and oversees all marketing channels. She has over a decade of marketing experience, specializing in public relations, influencer marketing, social media, and experiential marketing. Previously she was at Nordstrom managing marketing for the Canadian business and at Clearly (formerly known as Clearly Contacts) where she oversaw multiple brand marketing channels, launched the first influencer program in the industry, and built the experiential strategy for the company. Her passion is building digitally native brands through thoughtful customer experiences online and offline.

Vishal Sharma, Senior iOS Developer – As the Senior iOS Developer with decades of work experience on the Mobile tech stack, Vishal loves projects that can make people’s life easy and change their perception towards the tasks that can be done via technology. While developing mobile apps with big banks and small, fast-paced startups, he has observed how your work can leave a meaningful impact on the lives of people across the globe.



Although they are not actively raising capital, Life Lapse would like to connect with strategic partners and angel investors. They have just made significant hires this month by bringing their development in-house with a permanent full-time iOS developer and a contract full-time junior iOS developer. They’ve also added a full-time permanent brand marketer and a contract full-time marketing assistant to our team. Their next plan will be to add an Android developer to our team.

Revenue Model

Their business model is a freemium SaaS with a 7-day free trial. The free trial is activated upon sign-up and users can upgrade to a Pro subscription ($7.99 USD per month or $49.99 USD yearly). Their educational content is provided for free inside the app, making it even easier for people to learn and shoot eye-catching videos straight from their phone.



Business address: 207 West Hastings, Unit #603, Vancouver BC V6B 1H7

Website, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube

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