LiveGauge – 27 October

27 Oct 2020


A marketing data and measurement solution for brands, agencies, properties, and live events. LiveGauge provides its clients with the ability to track their experiential marketing, sponsorship, and live events ROI. Using their proprietary solutions, they have created the new industry standard in measurement and data collection. Whether it be driving stronger ROI, winning more RFP’s, or delivering better programs, LiveGauge is the solution you need to have fully integrated data sets for your clients.

Several companies have entered their space. LiveGuage’s advantage is that they were first to market and have experience across numerous events, which has allowed them to account for all aspects and challenges of an event/activation/campaign. Their technology team is the best in class and the account management team has extensive experience across many genres of business.


Where there is an event, activation, or crowd, you will almost certainly find a LiveGuage solution. To-date, LiveGauge has been utilized at international events, including the SuperBowl, auto-shows (globally), and worked with large brands, such as Nissan, Microsoft, and more.

Currently, LiveGauge is working very closely with their partners to help them prepare for the return of in-person events and helping provide any solutions they may be looking for.



Sam Seo, Co-Founder – Sam is an experienced marketer and programmer who has worked in the technology and social media sectors. He’s an incredibly passionate individual who has used his vast experience to help grow LiveGauge.

Nathaniel Bagnell, Co-Founder – Nathaniel is an ambitious and focused technology entrepreneur with a passion for creating and participating in innovative ideas, projects, and products that positively impact the world.


Since their initial launch, LiveGauge has been a fully bootstrapped company, they have been able to achieve their success without external funding and are not necessarily looking for investments in the future.

With a return of large scale events post-covid, LiveGauge will look to expand its sales team, create vertical specialists and continue to push their stronghold in North America, while looking to grow internationally as well.


Revenue Model

LiveGauge is not a strictly transactional sales business, but rather a hybrid of SAAS and Enterprise sales companies. They consult with their clients on every project to help them collect the best possible data and provide them with the best-customized solutions. With a growing product suite, LiveGauge has been able to retain and grow its customer base over the past 12 months.

LiveGauge takes pride in treating individuals within the organization equally and providing everyone with a voice; with a positive company culture dependent on collaboration, LiveGauge has an extremely positive future.


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