LocalStudent – 19 January

19 Jan 2021


What comes to mind when you think of student jobs? Flipping burgers and sweeping floors? Student jobs are really bad, and they haven’t changed much since the 1920’s. If you think of a typical student job, the hours are inflexible, micromanaging is common, and the pay is terrible. LocalStudent is bringing student jobs into the 21st century. They have built a platform that connects homeowners who need home services done, with a student nearby.

LocalStudent’s platform allows students to choose their own schedule, work autonomously and earn great pay. Students love this style of work, which has been shown by the 12,000+ signups LocalStudent has received – 7,000+ of them just within the last month. Customers love supporting students in their community, while receiving affordable, on-demand services such as snow removal. Their work is now fully outdoors and 100% contact-free. LocalStudent is becoming the new and better way for students to find work.

Their main competitors are TaskRabbit, Jiffy, as well as traditional home service companies. LocalStudents’ advantages are that they can deliver a customized quote in just 2 minutes, and most customers would rather support a student than an older professional. LocalStudent has the ability to hire a much higher supply of workers than their competition (because the competition is all competing to get professionals on their platform, while LocalStudent has the entire student market available). This allows for quicker, on-demand services since each customer will eventually be able to hire a student who lives within reasonable distance.




LocalStudent has 700+ customers and 12,000+ students signed up (with 200+ students being hired), and have completed well over 1,000 jobs. They have partnered with StartSmart Inc., Clear Water Detailing, LawnSavers and Eden. LocalStudent has been featured in toronto.com, Narcity, CP24, and they will be featured in the Toronto Star this weekend. Their biggest hurdle is to be able to scale quickly while not sacrificing customer experience and quality control.


Alex Ryzer – Co-Founder & CEO.

Marko Semcesen – Co-Founder & COO.

Daniel Joseph – General Manager.

Samara Bengall – Operations Manager.

Kamran Fotovat – Account Manager.

Anja Stankov – Operations Manager.



LocalStudent has not begun raising capital yet, but they will be doing so soon. They aim to use these funds towards web and app development, as well as marketing dollars to enable expansion across Canada. LocalStudent has been bootstrapping and funding themselves by re-investing profits back into the business. They recently expanded to several major cities across Canada, such as Ottawa and Calgary. They also plan to expand to a few cities in the U.S. by Summer 2021.

Revenue Model

LocalStudent operates under an Uber-like revenue model. When customers pay for a service, LocalStudent keeps a percentage of the total transaction.


Website: www.localstudent.ca

Facebook: @localstudent

Instagram: @local.student

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/localstudent

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