MarketBox – 1 December

01 Dec 2020


MarketBox is a sales and scheduling e-commerce platform as a service (PaaS) designed to boost sales for service businesses with mobile and virtual workforces. Their main competitors are scheduling software systems such as Acuity or SimplyBook. However, their competitive advantage is the ability to deal with advanced logistics such as travel zones and travel times, which is perfect for businesses with mobile workers who have more complex workflows and needs.

In addition, MarketBox’s second secret weapon is its online e-commerce booking flow. It leverages data and does a much better job of converting leads to sales compared to their competitors. That’s because most scheduling systems really just perform a function without providing a great user experience. They miss the mark when it comes to actually helping a business convert website leads into sales, especially new website visitors who require more information to build trust.


Despite the upheaval of 2020, MarketBox has gone through a period of positive change. Their product was initially designed to help grow service businesses with mobile workforces, but in April 2020 they added a Zoom integration so that they could now serve hybrid businesses (businesses that offer customers the flexibility of booking services in-person or virtually at their convenience). This has enabled them to onboard companies outside their original scope, something they are really excited about!

Right now, their biggest hurdle is that they’re a fairly new product that needs to do more to spread the word. The good news is that once people find out that a product like theirs exists, they get excited and MarketBox is often able to convert them into a client. Now, they need to reach more clients within their target markets.

In the past few months, they have made great strides regarding their product messaging and cold outreach strategy, through which they’re seeing success. They are also continually investing in great content to drive their target market to the website as part of an organic traffic strategy; they are now looking to add more horsepower to these strategies.



Diana Goodwin, Founder & CEO: Diana initially founded AquaMobile, an on-demand swim lesson provider which is now the largest of its kind in North America and Australia. Diana has been profiled in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Techvibes, and Dragons’ Den to name a few. She has won numerous business awards including Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Telus $100,000 Small Business Challenge.

Blair Taylor, CTO: Prior to MarketBox, Blair built PromptAlert. He grew it from two people to over 30, and it sold to Stericycle in an eight-figure deal in 2014. Blair has spent 20+ years as a senior architect and consultant on dozens of projects for the largest companies in Canada.


MarketBox is looking to raise a seed round soon to increase their team size and ad spend. They’re looking to add members to the sales, marketing, customer success, and product teams. They have a great product and now the goal is to spread the word as much as possible. MarketBox previously raised an angel round with some prominent members of the tech community, including Mike Katchen, Founder and CEO of Wealthsimple; Andrew MacDonald, SVP of Uber; and Alyssa Furtado, Founder and CEO of RateHub.


Revenue Model

MarketBox is a B2B SaaS platform. They charge a monthly fee and have monthly subscription plans fit for small teams all the way up to the enterprise level. They’re also looking to launch a solo-entrepreneur model as they’ve had a lot of demand for that.


Website, Twitter, LinkedIn


2967 Dundas St. W. #907

Toronto, ON M6P1Z2

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