Metavest – 16 June

16 Jun 2020


Metavest is an investment platform which serves both security issuers and investors. They allow issuers to create digital security offerings through their platform, which can then be transacted globally. Moreover, Metavest automates major portions of the investment lifecycle from compliance to fund servicing by leveraging blockchain technology.

For investors, Metavest provides a full range of investment options across private, public and digital asset markets mediated through a personalized robo-advisory service for them to generate long term wealth while enjoying minimal fees. Their goal is to provide a complete financial solution for investors which takes care of daily banking, cross border payments, savings and investment through one application.


Metavest is currently building their MVP, while holding discussions with some security issuers in Canada, United States and Africa. They expect to start conducting trial runs with their initial customers in the coming weeks and launch their platform fully in September.

The biggest challenge to success that they envisage is onboarding the right partners and clients. To overcome this, the management team has diligently been working on building a robust sales strategy and have recruited partners that are heavily involved in the securities space so they can roll it out within their networks which will enable Metavest to generate revenue fairly quickly while simultaneously receiving feedback from their users.



Nabil Irfan, Founder & Executive Officer – Nabil has been involved in the blockchain space for the past few years where he quickly moved from a consultant to product manager and subsequently led partnerships in a different continent for a Canadian blockchain company.

Leonard Edwin, Technology Officer – Leonard has almost 20 years of consulting experience where he has worked across large public and private organizations. Most recently, he has been part of the Hyperledger Linux Foundation as a solutions architect.

Sarib Mahmood, Product Officer – Sarib has been working as a Technical Engineering Lead for a Startup in the EdTech space. The role involves leading a team of developers and designers to make sure product related strategies are effectively executed.

Shakil Muhammad, Development Team Lead – Shakil holds a PhD in Cyber Security from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and has extensive experience in the blockchain space. He leads software development for Metavest while supporting business development in Asia & the Middle East.

Charles Russell, Head of US Partnerships – Charles has a background in investment banking and commercial real estate. He currently leads business development in the United States for Metavest.



Metavest is looking to raise $150,000 for 10% of the company which would fund market penetration and further development of the product. The leadership team is inclined to expand on technology development and sales in order to scale faster which they are able to do through their network of sales representatives. Their platform is built modularly and can be repurposed for other entities such as governments and non-profit organizations which they expect to cater to fairly quickly after succeeding with their initial users.

Revenue Model

Metavest operates a two sided business model. Security issuers pay a management fee as a percentage of their assets. Additionally, Metavest provides ancillary services such as data analytics, payment gateways, regulatory support and AR / VR productions, among other services.

Investors are categorized by the cumulative value they invest with Metavest. All fees are under 1% and a personalized robo advisory service is free of charge for everyone.


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