Moselle – 21 April

21 Apr 2020


Moselle is a digital platform that helps to simplify trade financing for importing wholesale companies. Right now, the process required to purchase loans and foreign exchange, and manage the associated duties, tariffs and insurance is incredibly outdated, fractured and manual. Moselle brings essential trade financing solutions onto a centralized digital platform, bringing cost savings and eliminating friction points for businesses.


Moselle has already successfully supported a client in identifying friction in their trade financing and supplying solutions with tangible impact for the local business, Eclipse Trading. Moselle’s inaugural case study highlights how businesses who import can benefit from the platform.

Moselle has just launched its product into public beta and is offering early access for importing wholesale businesses and suppliers to the platform.



Lakhveer Jajj, CEO / Founder – Lakhveer is a serial entrepreneur, who has been active in the Toronto tech startup scene for a decade. Previously, he was a Senior Technical Director at Highline Beta and Director of Engineering at CareGuide.

Traci Cheng, CEO / Co-founder – Traci is the former Head of AI Operations at BMO and Head of People & Operations at Traci is actively involved in Women in Tech initiatives and a frequent public speaker on D&I.



Moselle is part of the Highline Beta venture studio portfolio and is looking to raise additional funds. With funding, Moselle plans to further scale up its team and build out its tech, in order to support more small-medium importing businesses.

While they are focused on foreign exchange and purchasing loans at the minute, they aim to expand into taxes and tariffs and eventually insurance.

Revenue Model

Moselle charges trade businesses with a SaaS subscription and fees for financing.


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