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25 Feb 2021

Aventure Trading

Aventure is a Quantamental hedge fund for the people. It aims to give investors access to Wall Street investing strategies that combine mathematical quantitative investing with fundamental value investing strategies. It seeks to democratize the innovative and technological edge of finance, which is dominated by institutional investors, to everyday investors so they could build a powerful investing portfolio based on advanced strategies and research without the hassle. Through a Robo-Advising structure, Aventure pairs an investor’s profile with a trading strategy, making the investing process simple for both a new and experienced investor.

If you’re interested in accessing twitter robots that scan for consumer sentiment about a company and automatically buy/sell for you or algorithms that use satellite images of grocery store parking lots to predict earnings, this may be that app for you!


The Aventure team is currently working on the alpha of their platform. They are actively working with experienced professionals in the finance and startup industries to build out their initiatives, adding features and service offerings based on the input of these industry experts. They have a rapidly growing waitlist for the product launch.

They have recently gone through both the Shea Accelerator with the Shea Center and Boston College and went through a professional VC accelerator through SSC venture partners where they received some funding and a board of mentors.



The Aventure team is looking to raise $150-200K. This funding will be used to bolster the company’s liquidity, handle the complex legal environment of the financial markets, and build and refine the investment app. Aventure is also looking for accredited investors who are interested in trying out the alpha version of the app! If interested, make sure to sign up on their website or contact directly at [email protected].

Aventure plans on expanding their team to cover a diverse range of strong skill sets, both in technical programming and business operations. The company aims to be nationally inclusive, and in the longer term, will look to deliver their innovative solution to foreign individual investors.

The biggest hurdle Aventure will aim to overcome in the next year is, primarily, their funding requirements. They are managing this challenge by leveraging every opportunity available from school-based entrepreneurship resources, to conferences in the Boston area, to reaching out to VCs and Angel investors.



Shivansh Padhi, CEO – Shivansh is focused on catapulting the startup through strategic planning/execution, motivating the team, adhering to legal regulations, forming key partnerships, overseeing the development of the product, and the financial foundation of the business. Also responsible for songs added to the team Spotify playlist.

Max Fisher, CFO – Max manages all things financial within the Aventure setup. This involves developing and implementing their investment strategy, maintaining proper accounts, monitoring KPIs, and managing financial risks. He is also the company liaison to all things football and sports.

Maanas Peri, CTO – Maanas is building and executing a technological roadmap for the company, leading app development from frontend to backend, connecting business requirements with activity, and creating pragmatic solutions to complex technical issues. He is also responsible for comedic entertainment.

Revenue Model

Aventure Trading is currently operating with a subscription-based business model, offering a tiered subscription system that gives access to different levels of investment, research, data, and strategies.


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