Nextwork – 19 May

19 May 2020


Nextwork is a digital talent marketplace and work platform that connects organizations with experienced, flexible, and proven talent on demand. Nextwork has an ambitious vision – to retire retirement – and is realizing this vision through promoting a more flexible approach to ongoing work that better serves everyone’s needs.

With Nextwork, organizations have an easy and flexible alternative to the all-or-nothing model of employment, offering quick and cost-effective access to experts, when and where they are needed. Experts find more choice and control over if, when, and how they work. This is all brought together by an innovative work platform that is simple, streamlined, and secure – everyone wins.

Nextwork’s differentiator is that they focus on pre-vetted, late-career professionals with over 25 years’ experience in their field. Being a digital platform, they are also free from the slow, convoluted, and costly process organizations typically experience when accessing talent through traditional, non-digital methods.

To access experts on demand, organizations submit a talent request and receive curated talent matches straight to their dashboard. They can then interview matches to select the best fit and start collaborating. The platform takes care of contracting, communicating, sharing files, invoicing, and payments, for any scope of work – from small, one-off projects to full-time support.

Nextwork was founded as a solution to the chronic underemployment and unemployment of 50+ workers – the fastest-growing workforce segment – with lack of flexible work opportunities cited as one of the biggest barriers to work. With people living and working longer and contingent work projected to replace full-time work over the medium term, Nextwork is very well positioned to capitalize on these two important trends.

As the only freelance platform operating in this space, there is plenty of opportunity for a scalable, digital, and targeted offering that brings the gig economy to older workers, providing more remote and flexible work opportunities and simultaneously giving organizations on-demand access to critical talents that may otherwise be lost.


Nextwork’s platform and go-to-market strategy has been operational since March, 2020. Hundreds of workers have already been vetted and onboarded across Finance and Accounting, HR, Admin Support, and Business Consulting, with many more on the waitlist. Feedback from clients and workers is driving the development of the platform and improving customer experience and process flow.

The biggest challenge to the organization in the early stages is to simultaneously grow both user bases: clients and talent. Nextwork is overcoming this by being highly specialized in a handful of work categories initially, building up talent in each vertical to offer the depth and breadth of coverage for organizations to leverage. On the other side, they are focused on developing and building out the Nextworker community, bringing people closer together and fostering a strong sense of community. They are also looking into investing a portion of profits to further strengthen the community through subsidized skill development opportunities and other member benefits.



Marc Daniel, Founder & CEO – Marc is realizing his vision of using business for good to increase flexible work opportunities for older workers and simultaneously address a critical talent shortage for businesses – opening up on-demand access to critical knowledge, skills, and experience that would otherwise be lost. Marc, an organizational psychologist, has spent 15 years advising companies on how to get the most from their people and believes strongly in the power of a diverse, engaged, and flexible workforce.

Prakash, Digital – Prakash leads product development for Nextwork and oversees the design, development, and delivery of digital solutions that bring Nextwork’s vision to life. Prakash has expertise in innovative digital solution design, development, and project leadership.



Nextwork have been bootstrapped to date. They are not actively looking for funding and will continue to bootstrap over the short term. They are, however, interested in connecting with interested parties to discuss potential investment and/or advisory opportunities. Further funding will enable team expansion for rapid growth, product development, and targeted marketing and advertising strategies to be implemented across Canada and the US.

Revenue Model

Nextwork operates a simple, service-based business model with a transparent and set service fee that applies to all scopes of work. Clients have the flexibility to hire and pay according to their needs with options to bring in experts by the hour, for a fixed fee, or directly for permanent part- or full-time work.


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