North American Startup Newsletter – 2 February

02 Feb 2021

This week we present another edition of our startup newsletter, showcasing companies across North America using clever innovation to have a positive impact on the world.

First, we have a company using AI to determine the likelihood of a female egg to successfully fertilize; then, we have a company providing mental health care for teens and young adults; finally, we feature a company that has developed a salt-based, antimicrobial touch surface to help combat the pandemic.




Future Fertility

Based in Toronto, Future Fertility is a Canadian med-tech company currently offering a non-invasive image analysis tool that visually assesses the probability of a female egg (oocyte) to successfully fertilize. Their product helps with clinical decision making, improves live birth outcomes, and provides individualized feedback to patients around the world.

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Joon Care

Joon Care is a teletherapy practice that provides accessible and high-quality, skills-focused mental health care exclusively for teens and young adults. In an effort to make quality mental health care accessible to clients, they also offer a reduced-cost option for low-income families.

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Outbreaker Solutions

Outbreaker Solutions is researching and developing the fastest-acting antimicrobial touch surface in the world. They take regular salt, transform the properties and then integrate it with commonly touched surfaces such as door handles and touch plates. Antimicrobial CSC eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on the surface in under 2 minutes.

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