North American Startup Newsletter – 2 March

02 Mar 2021

This week we present another edition of our North American Startup Newsletter. Featured are three companies actively trying to revolutionise their industries.

First, we have a company that has developed a wristband that allows the blind to effectively navigate cities without additional assistance; also featured is a platform that enables employees to report sexual misconduct within their organisations. Finally, we have featured a social media platform designed specifically for investors.



WearWorks builds products and experiences that communicate information through touch. Their first product, Wayband, is a wristband that communicates navigation information using vibration without the need for any visual or audio cues. Back in 2017, Wayband helped the first person who is blind to run in the NYC marathon without sighted assistance.

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#NotMe is a mobile speak up platform that empowers people to safely and quickly report discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, racism or any form of misconduct or compliance-related issue they’ve experienced or witnessed. In turn, #NotMe offers organizations that subscribe to the platform access to real-time reports and data-driven insights needed to take action and create an accountable, safe, thriving culture — for everyone.

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Vesti is an innovative social network and messaging platform for retail investors. Their mobile app lets investors connect with friends to chat, research stocks and cryptocurrencies, and follow trades, portfolios and watchlists. The startup is building a network for millions of zoomers and millennials who are starting to prioritize investing and are looking for reliable reference points and peers.

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