North American Startup Special – 14 October

14 Oct 2020

This week we present another special edition of our North American startup newsletter. Featured below are two companies that are taking custom processes to the next level through tech innovation.

While one company focuses on reinventing biomedicine to fight healthcare problems, and the other aims to help simplify the life insurance process, both undoubtedly are striving to improve the lives of their customers.

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SynCell Biotechnology

SynCell understands the pain and grief of losing a loved one due to antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection which has propelled them on a fight to prevent the crisis that will undoubtedly claim many more lives. SynCell utilizes the very bacteria that cause infections to produce the very same therapy to treat them.

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PolicyMe makes it easy for Canadians to get personalized life insurance advice, compare quotes across Canada’s top insurers, and apply 100% online in a matter of minutes.

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