North American Startup Special – 25 August

25 Aug 2020

Another North American-wide edition of our newsletter has been published. This special edition showcases three companies that have meticulously crafted products to serve their customers’ needs without cutting corners with regards to quality.

These companies take an upgrade to the products currently presented in their markets to provide consumers with variation, high-quality, and affordable options. Be on the lookout as these mission-driven businesses grow to amazing feats.

The three companies featured are:


Quokka Brew

Quokka Brew is the market’s first caffeinated jitterless coffee. They have created a blend of all organic amino acids and nootropics that is scientifically proven to eliminate the jitters, anxiety, and crash from caffeine without sacrificing any of the energy.

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NuvoPharms is a municipally approved medical cannabis business that will sell affordable, high-quality, medical cannabis to registered patients, wholesalers, and retailers.

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Farming in Oregon since 2017, Hemptown is a leading cultivator of feminized hemp and is one of the largest producers of CBG globally.

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