North America’s Finest – 5 August

05 Aug 2020

Presenting this week’s special edition of our newsletter which features three startups located in Canada and the United States. The first of our North America’s Finest edition highlights companies that are utilizing technology to maximize value for their customers.

These companies are aimed towards providing new solutions that are more resource-efficient and convenient than their prospective customers’ current processes.

The three companies we feature are:


energyX Solutions Inc.

Based in Toronto, ON and Halifax, NS, energyX is a technology company currently active in the energy management and conservation space. Their software, which is licensed to utilities and energy efficiency organizations across the US and Canada, automatically finds targets, and enrolls customers with high savings potential.

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ChopValue creates high-performance circular economy designs made entirely from recycled chopsticks. The urban harvested material is transformed through a carbon-neutral micro-manufacturing model and reintroduced into society as a beautiful and durable engineered product.

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Energy Companies need a way to utilize their excess energy to avoid losses on their power asset investments, Sazmining’s turnkey services utilize the excess energy for cryptocurrency mining & substantially increase the revenue for energy companies.

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