#NotMe – 2 March

02 Mar 2021


#NotMe is a mobile speak up platform that empowers people to safely and quickly report discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, racism or any form of misconduct or compliance-related issue they’ve experienced or witnessed. In turn, #NotMe offers organizations that subscribe to the platform access to real-time reports and data-driven insights needed to take action and create an accountable, safe, thriving culture — for everyone.

#MeToo highlighted an epidemic of not only harassment but also power abuse and misconduct of all kinds. #NotMe provides the most empowering and practical tech solution to prevent and address these. By making it easier for individuals to safely speak up, and for organizations to become aware and address issues — earlier.


#NotMe has clients across multiple industries (healthcare, tech, food & beverage, PR & marketing, cosmetics, unions, government & administration, etc.). In addition to misconduct reporting, people can also report COVID-19 related issues through the #NotMe app which has been featured in numerous broadcast segments in the US (over the last 2 years). In addition, Rose McGowan and Forbes Top 10 D&I Trailblazer, Lily Zheng have been adamant supporters of #NotMe which is also expanding to Europe this month.

While the #NotMe app is a reporting tool for employees, #NotMe also has corresponding tools for employers that are dissatisfied with the status quo and disappointed by the lack of effectiveness they’ve experienced with other products. For companies that want to listen to their employees and foster a true speak-up culture, #NotMe has created a very efficient speak up solution where organizations can not only detect issues earlier but also prevent them from escalating, thereby allowing them to create an accountable, safe and thriving workplace— for everyone.



Ariel Weindling, Founder and CEO, has been a leading employment lawyer for over 15 years, knows the misconduct reporting process from A to Z, how and where it’s broken and brings deep legal expertise to the product and #NotMe’s unique approach.


Andy Hinton – Former Google Chief Compliance Officer, #NotMe Advisor

Susan Lovegren – Former Medallia EVP & Chief People Officer, #NotMe Advisor

Dr Sydney Savion – 2020 Chief Learning Officer of the Year, CLO for Air New Zealand


Revenue Model

#NotMe is an open platform free to individuals who can use it even if their employer is not a subscriber. It also operates as a standard SaaS platform for companies that want to use #NotMe as a reporting and listening solution to help with misconduct issues and compliance-related matters. Companies who subscribe to #NotMe pay a one-time setup cost and monthly fee.


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