NuvoPharms – 25 August

25 Aug 2020


NuvoPharms is a municipally approved medical cannabis business that will be based out of the RM of Buckland five minutes north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The company will focus on cultivating, processing, and selling medical cannabis. NuvoPharms will sell affordable, high-quality, medical cannabis to registered patients, wholesalers, and retailers. They plan to gain market share in the provincial, national, and international markets.

The facility located on 15.93 acres, boasts 28,956 sq. ft. of growing space and office space. Initially, the facility will be used to produce, package, and sell medical-grade Cannabis. A portion of the lot has also been designated for future expansions including the development of a laboratory and testing facilities, as well as processing facilities for creating cannabis extracts (i.e. oils, concentrates, etc.)

NuvoPharms will be competing for market share with previously established Canadian Licensed Producers along with the surmounting black-market. In order to establish their identity within the marketplace and achieve their revenue goals, NuvoPharms will market itself as a Canadian-made, affordable, high-quality, medical cannabis producer and retailer. They plan to utlize multiple streams including relationship building, online marketing, and multiple sales platforms, to portray their brand.

The business will differentiate from its competition by providing affordable, high-quality, Physician grown medical cannabis products.



NuvoPharms is committed to improving access to medical cannabis and is always putting patients first. Their goal is to provide the highest quality, organic, medicinal standard product on the market. Their genetics and production schedules will be strategically focused on chronic disease and pain management, with a “patient-centric” care approach and highly personalized services that will surpass many of the current options available to patients in today’s market. NuvoPharms’ number one priority is to provide medical cannabis patients with affordable access to high quality, organic medicinal cannabis.

NuvoPharms’ Head of Cultivation/Master Grower is a Physician that has a passion for working in the field of plant science. It is this background coupled with these personal experiences and beliefs that provide the necessary solid foundation for a revolutionary business model within the medical cannabis sector.

NuvoPharms’ biggest hurdle to overcome in the next year apart from financing, will be to target and transition legacy market consumers into the legal sales stream. In overcoming this hurdle, they plan to provide higher quality products at an affordable price to their consumers.



Jamie Novotny, President – Jamie is the Owner and President of NuvoPharms Inc. Jamie is a prominent Medical Cannabis advocate and patient and has dedicated the past five years to Medical Cannabis Advocacy. Jamie established Nuvomedic Canna Consulting in 2017, where he has worked extensively to provide medical cannabis patients with the education and support, they require.

Jamie has certification from KPU in Introduction to Professional Management of Marijuana for Medical Purposes, Marketing Sales and Drug Development, and Plant Production and Facility Management. Jamie began his career in management at one of the countries largest sports retailer chains. He later acquired an Educational Assistant Certificate and worked closely with children who had developmental and physical disabilities.

Roni Novotny, Vice President – Roni has been working in program services with the Federal Government of Canada for the past 12 plus years. Most of her career has been focused exclusively on First Nations program delivery, Agriculture, and economic development. In 2015, Roni was awarded the Deputy Minister’s award for external service delivery for her outreach and support efforts during the fire evacuations in northern Saskatchewan. Roni has recently completed Indigenous Leadership certification in Ottawa, a program designed to facilitate the movement of Indigenous employees into executive roles within the Federal Government. Roni previously participated as a caregiver representative on a Research Advisory panel for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Roni holds a BFA in Film and Media Production from the University of Regina and has extensive knowledge of the Cannabis industry.

Dr. Joel Wolsey, (MD, BSc, LMCC, CCFP), Head of Cultivation/ Master Grower – Dr. Joel Wolsey is a Family Physician who practices balanced, broad scope medicine. Joel received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Lethbridge with a major in Neuroscience. He lived in the Caribbean and in Arizona while completing his degree as a Doctor of Medicine, and then moved back to Canada to complete a residency in Family Medicine with the University of Saskatchewan. Joel understands the importance of continual learning and open-mindedness in promoting overall health and wellbeing. He knows that truly effective medicine must incorporate many different approaches.

Joel has a wide range of skills and interests within and outside the field of medicine. He enjoys building, gardening and horticulture, music, and mechanics. He has a geek-level passion for the science of lighting and how it influences humans, plant growth, and health.

Dennis Diehl, Senior. Project Manager / Construction & Infrastructure Design – Dennis is a journeyman contractor with 39 plus years of commercial and residential contracting experience. He has spent most of his career working in northern Saskatchewan communities. He recently completed the Beauval Office and Gymnasium complex along with the Isle a la Crosse Fish Processing Facility. He has completed several Commercial builds utilizing the proposed project materials for this facility. For the past several years, he has been designing Cannabis Cultivation and processing facilities for Nuvomedic Canna Consulting Ltd.



As NuvoPharms aims toward further expansion, they are seeking up to $5 million in initial seed investment. They will utilize the initial seed round to secure and retrofit the existing facility and to establish secondary financing to enter into phase 2 of its development plan.

The equity that has been raised and infused into this development project thus far has been in the form of labor equity and development, for example:

  • The development is shovel ready
  • Licensing team is in place
  • Training and Education costs
  • Labor: Project Development 2016-2020
  • HR procurement
  • Research and development
  • Community engagement
  • Framework development


Revenue Model

NuvoPharms will produce and sell affordable, high-quality, Physician grown medical cannabis to registered patients, wholesalers, and retailers.

The NuvoPharms’ product line will include medical cannabis products that aid a variety of health conditions such as:

  • High in CBD products – used for anxiety, depression, and neurological diseases
  • High in CBG products – used for spinal and neurological diseases
  • High in THCV products – used for diabetes
  • High in THC products – used for pain management and nausea
  • High in THCA products – used for anxiety, depression, and neurological diseases

The products will be priced competitively and will be distributed to the local, provincial, national, and international markets through various sales channels.



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